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underwater photography


How to photograph underwater

Underwater Photography for Beginners

Simple tips and tricks on how to achieve beautiful underwater photography. How to pose your model, choose gear and edit for maximum impact and creativity.

Ikelite housing Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Professional Canon underwater camera allegedly in the works

Canon is rumored to be working on a different product than those that you can find on the market. The rumor mill has sparked gossip talks about a professional Canon underwater camera that would not need a special underwater case. Moreover, it would be a high-end model with top specs and it could come to a store near you soon.

Braun Vidi Proof underwater

Kenro introduces Braun Vidi Proof underwater camcorder

Capturing videos and photos underwater scares off a lot of people because such camcorders or casings for regular cameras are usually very expensive. Kenro is proposing a cheap alternative that is capable of recording videos in the water at full HD resolution and very affordable prices: the Braun Vidi Proof.

Nikon AW1

Nikon to launch Nikkor 1 10-100mm f/4-5.6 lens for AW1 camera

Nikon has recently introduced the first digital interchangeable lens camera in the world capable of taking photos underwater without the need of a special casing. The AW1 is a tribute to the Nikonos SLRs, but it does not have too many lenses at its disposal. Thankfully, the Nikkor 1 10-100mm f/4-5.6 lens is on the way, rumors say.

Nikon 1 AW1

Nikon 1 AW1 underwater camera unveiled with two new lenses

After being rumored recently, the Nikon 1 AW1 underwater camera has become official. It is a rugged shooter which can withstand freeze, drops, and to be submerged under several feet of water. It comes alongside the 1 Nikkor AW 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 and 10mm f/2.8 lenses, which are not compatible with other 1-system cameras.

Nikon waterproof camera

New Nikon waterproof camera to be unveiled in the near future

Nikon is rumored to be working on a lot of cameras, including the D610 and D5300. The list gets longer in a heartbeat, but it is all part of gossip talk. However, another product which could be announced soon is a new Nikon waterproof camera that could also support a water-resistant interchangeable lens system, sources say.

Underwater photo turtle

Underwater photography equipment used by a professional

Going underwater is a challenging undertaking. Murky waters, shivering light, and dense vegetation can be turned to the photographer’s advantage with the proper equipment. Marcelo Krause’s photos are the ultimate proof of that. Check his lenses, camera, strobe, and housing equipment.

Underwater Photography Contest 2013

Cute seal portrait photo nabs Underwater Photography Contest

University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science has announced Kyle McBurnie as the winner of its annual Underwater Photography Contest 2013. The photographer has managed to capture an amazing portrait photo of an incredibly shy and cute seal, which was sneaking up behind him.

Sea & Sea's MDX-6D underwater housing for Canon's full frame 6D

Sea & Sea announces Canon EOS 6D underwater housing

Sea & Sea has developed a Canon EOS 6D underwater housing in its high-end MDX series which will be able to withstand depths of up to 330 feet. Except for depth-of-field preview, the MDX 6-D will access all of the camera’s functions, helped by an ergonomic design.

NASA Photo Tournament graphic with winner in center

NASA Photo Tournament premieres, with an underwater volcanic eruption as winner

NASA Photo Tournament, which premiered this year, announced its winner – a photo of an underwater volcanic eruption in El Hierro, Spain. The competition included 32 satellite images, either true color photographs, or computer assisted visualizations, judged by public voting.

Edith Widder's e-jelly, a device which mimics jellyfish bioluminescent distress calls, attracted the giant squid

How the Kraken was filmed, using revolutionary deep sea photography

Earlier this year, the first video of a giant squid was recorded using an unobtrusive camera platform. Edith Widder’s Medusa and e-jelly have paved the way to how deep sea photography will be developed.

Nikon D7100 waterproof housing release date

Ikelite releases Nikon D7100 underwater housing

Nikon has recently announced the D7100 camera. It did not take too long for Ikelite to develop an underwater housing for the DSLR. As a result, Nikon D7100 owners can buy a waterproof housing for the shooter, in order to take the camera at depths of 200 feet / 60 meters and capture footage of the amazing aquatic life.

Canon PowerShot camera lost in Haiwaii found in Taiwan

Lost Canon PowerShot camera found after six years and 6,000-mile trip

All’s well that ends well! An American woman lost her camera during a scuba diving trip in Hawaii. However, her camera has been found in Taiwan after six years. The Canon PowerShot traveled more than six thousand miles before being found by a China Airlines employee and the company managed to find the camera’s owner.


Rolling in the deep with Newsweek’s first animated cover

Underwater photographer Hugh Gentry talks with about his work for Newsweek’s first animated cover. To mark the magazine’s full digital switch, Hugh Gentry, a Hawaiian underwater photographer and film producer, made Newsweek’s first animated cover.


Underwater Pictures & Video Using the Canon G11 Camera

Underwater Pictures Using the Canon G11 Point and Shoot Camera While I am definitely not going to win any major prizes from my vacation snapshots using the Canon G11 Point and Shoot camera with underwater housing, I did have a blast and captured some super fun memories. My kids LOVED that I could put on…


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