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Free Photoshop Video Tutorial: Watch Me Work with Fusion

Watch me transform this photo from good to great in this Photoshop video tutorial and step-by-step Blueprint.


Blueprint: Use Photoshop Actions to Add Drama to Your Photos

Liz Sethi sent in this Photoshop actions Blueprint of her oldest daughter. The subject was modeling on her new barnwood rug (this prop is so popular right now). The photographer’s goal with this shot was to take a good image and make it have more life and drama. To achieve this, she needed more contrast…


Blueprint: That Cute, Fast 1 Year Old

After my post on Pioneer Woman’s site about challenges photographing a 1 year old, I got a lot of questions. What lens, what settings, how did I get the b&w, etc… I figured the best way to answer these was in a blueprint. I shot this image with my Canon 5D MKII with the Canon…

Video Tutorial: Saving Actions to New Computer or Version of Photoshop

Video Tutorial: Saving Actions to New Computer or Version of Photoshop

I get this question at least once a week: “How can I move my actions to a new computer” or “…new version of Photoshop.” It is actually a super easy process. Just follow along with me and I will have you up and running with your actions on your new computer or upgraded version of…


Blueprint: Taking Your Old Images and Making Them New Again

Do you ever look back at your images from years ago and think, “wow, I have improved.” Or “I was not as good as I thought…” Well I accidentally went into a folder of images from 4 years ago while looking for something, and I found a photo I remember loving.  I thought this was…


Blueprint: Fan Share – Newborn Skin Edit

One of my customers, Stacy Rottach, sent me the following letter and the blueprint below. What a beautiful baby.  Love her edit here. And those eyes – wow!  If you have thoughts for her, I am sure she would love to hear from you in the comments too. Hi Jodi! I was just doing a…


Blueprint: Trash the Prom Dress Before and After MCP Photoshop Actions

Today’s Blueprint is another sent in by an MCP Actions Fan, Nikki Romero of Everlasting Expressions. She writes: This was an awesome Senior that blessed me with a Trash the Prom Dress Session… So much fun… The day was very overcast, skies were white, day was gray and rainy, water was YUCKY… But my vision came alive through…


Blueprint – Getting Rid of Poor Color with Photoshop Actions

I received this photo from a photographer (who had someone photograph her).  Unfortunately she was on vacation and had slight sunburn and the under exposure and photography emphasized this even more. She sent it to me to see how I would handle it with actions, and to see if it even could be fixed.  At…


MCP Blueprint – How RAW saved this shot and Photoshop Actions made it Better

  This week’s photo comes from Fix It Friday at I Heart Faces. I participate as a contributor there periodically.  This particular photo needed lots of help as it was severely underexposed but had a sunspot too.  I do most of my work in Photoshop as you know, but will use Adobe Camera Raw or…


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