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using off camera flash



Create Dramatic Lighting With Off Camera Flash

How to use off-camera flash or strobe and light modifiers to create portraits that have beautiful and dramatic light.


Take Control of Your Light: Artificial Light, Why Use It

Using artificial light Artificial light is similar to natural light in the way you use it, but differs in three ways. First, you can adjust the power of the light, second, you can change your distance from the light easily, and third, you can modify the quality of the light. Adjustable Power When using any…

How to Use Your Flash Effectively in Portraits (Part 4 of 5)

How to Use Your Flash Effectively in Portraits (Part 4 of 5)

*** I owe Matthew an apology – I somehow lost part 4 and 5 that he sent me last year and was cleaning out emails and found the last two parts in his flash series for MCP Blog.  I will be posting them now. By Matthew L Kees, guest to the MCP Actions Blog Director…


Meet Ali Hohn & Save Money or Win the NEW Rock that OCF e-Book

I had the pleasure to get to know Ali Hohn at a photographer get together a year ago in Minnesota.  She now has her own e-book on Off Camera Flash.  You can win this book if you are the lucky name drawn at random from the comments section in my blog (this Saturday).  Just answer…


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