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Watermark Your Images in Photoshop CS5: FREE & EASY

Watermarking and re-sizing are two effective ways to protect your photos from theft on the internet. And they also brand your images, which is an added bonus. While people may still copy or take a screen shot, prominent logos on re-sized photos make it harder for customers to print your images without permission. Watermarking and…


Watermark Creator for Photoshop CS4 * Even Better than Actions

Do you ever dream of clicking a button and having your watermark applied to all of your photos in a particular spot (scaled correctly no matter what)? What if this “Dream Tool” could do this for you in high or low res and could put the watermark in the center or either corner of your…

tips and tutorials – sorry I have been swamped

tips and tutorials – sorry I have been swamped

MCP Actions Website | MCP Flickr Group | MCP Reviews MCP Actions Quick Purchase I feel bad that I have been so busy, that I have not had the time to post tips lately. I see most people wanted to have actions and tips on skin smoothing and watermarking. SO… Stay tuned. The magic skin…


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