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what direction lighting do you prefer



Sun Flare: How to Achieve This Special Light

I’ll admit it…  I’m addicted to sun flare, especially a good sunburst.  I’m secretly quite proud when I achieve it, especially since it required actually remembering the tips I read about creating it in the first place.  Perhaps you are like me and scour the internet for all things photography related and end up only…


One Way to Control Light in Photography: Turn Day Into Night

What time would you guess the images below were taken?  Look carefully… Sunrise?  Sunset?  A few hours before sunset?  Just after sunrise? After dark? Or might these silhouettes have been taken minutes after 2pm when the sun was high above – but under controlled lighting – using aperture, speed and ISO to create an illusion?…


North vs South – which direction light is better?

MCP Actions Website | MCP Flickr Group | MCP Reviews MCP Actions Quick Purchase This is more a question – than an answer…  So if you have opinions or just want to give critique on these photos, feel free to leave a comment. North or South Facing Light suppose to be the best?  I thought it…


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