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Depth of Field: A Visual Lesson

If you have a hard time understanding what aperture and depth of field is, this visual lesson will help you “get it” for good.


Back to Basics Photography: In depth Look at F-Stop, Aperture and Depth of Field

Learn to control your depth of field by understanding f-stop and aperture.


Newborn Photography: How To Achieve The Blanket Fade In Camera

Learn this easy trick to getting great blanket fade without a lot of editing and hassle.


How to Get Both Eyes in Focus when Shooting Wide Open

This week I have been asked this same question 4 times, so I thought I would do a post to answer it for all my readers: “How do you get your eyes tack sharp and in focus when shooting WIDE OPEN? Is it in camera or your eye doctor action?” In the past few years…


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