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National Geographic Photo Contest 2014 winners announced

National Geographic Photo Contest 2014 winners revealed

The National Geographic Photo Contest 2014 is now over, as the Society has revealed the winners of its annual competition. The overall laureate is photographer Brian Yen, courtesy of an impressive shot named “A Node Glows in the Dark”, while Triston Yeo and Nicole Cambré are the other two major winners.

The last great picture

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 winners announced

The winners of the 50th edition of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 contest have been announced by the National History Museum in London, UK. The grand prize has been awarded to American photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols, courtesy of his amazing black-and-white photo of a pride of lions.

Giraffe taking the metro

Exotic animals take over the Paris metro in Animetro project

Photographers Thomas Subtil and Clarisse Rebotier have created an amusing project consisting of photoshopped images of exotic animals taking the metro to visit Paris. Called “Animetro”, it proves that animals and humans can live together in a city. The collection is also on display at the Millesime Gallery in Paris until April 17.


Across the Ravaged Land of petrified animals with Nick Brandt

One of the scariest places on Earth is Lake Natron. The salty waters of this lake kills a lot of animals, which are not decomposing over time, instead they are turned into stone. Photographer Nick Brandt has been there and captured a lot of images of the spooky birds and even creating the “Across the Ravaged Land” book in the process.

Underwater Photography Contest 2013

Cute seal portrait photo nabs Underwater Photography Contest

University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science has announced Kyle McBurnie as the winner of its annual Underwater Photography Contest 2013. The photographer has managed to capture an amazing portrait photo of an incredibly shy and cute seal, which was sneaking up behind him.

Spring Time Competition 2013 winner

Andrzej Bochenski wins SINWP’s Spring Time Competition 2013

The Society of International Nature and Wildlife Photographers (SINWP) has recently ended its Spring Time Competition 2013. The society has also announced the winners of its photography contest. The judges picked some great photos for the top three, but Andrzej Bochenski has been selected as the winner of the photo competition.

Seal photographed with a Nikon D300

Shooting wildlife: Nikon takes the heat for selling rifle scopes

Nikon faces serious criticism for producing rifle scopes, while presenting itself as wildlife friendly. Of course, they do not kill the wild animals themselves. But isn’t selling the necessary equipment for doing so a way of supporting the hunting game?


What Photoshop Actions To Buy To Edit Wildlife Photography

What Photoshop Actions To Buy To Edit Wildlife Photography As I mentioned in last week’s edit, I love photographing wildlife.  My go to lens is the Canon 70-200 2.8 IS through I am hoping Canon will release a new version of the 100-400 (and I will have my name on a wait list).  While I never…


How To Edit Wildlife Photos Quickly With Photoshop Actions

How To Edit Wildlife Photos Quickly With Photoshop Actions Background and Gear In the past year, I have discovered a photography LOVE: photographing wildlife.  When I traveled to Australia and then Alaska in 2012, I discovered my love for taking pictures of whales, kangaroos, and bears. Show me any creature roaming around in the woods…


Wildlife Photography: 9 Tips for Photographing Animals in Nature

Wildlife photography is exciting and fun.  And once summer hits, or if you live in a warm climate, photographers of all specialties may want to give it a try. Thank you to Patricia Downey for this great article. Living in southwest Florida with its abundance of wildlife is bliss for me. While photographing wildlife can…


Interview with Daniel Hurtubise about his trip to photograph bears in the Alaskan Wild

In this interview, Ellie and Jenna, age 7, asked Daniel all the “tough questions” about his trip to photograph Alaskan Brown Bears. I thought rather than a formal interview, it might be more fun to have questions asked from the perspective and eyes of a child.  And I think I made a good decision. Enjoy…


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