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How and Why to Have a Post-Processing Workflow

Why having a written post processing workflow is non-negotiable.


How To Cull Wedding Photos Fast and Easy

Learn how to get though thousands of wedding photos in just a few hours with these proven techniques to cull wedding photos.


Editing in Photoshop: Combining Actions, Textures and Overlays

Editing in Photoshop: Combining Actions and Textures for Beautiful Images This straight out of camera image, from Patti Brown Photography, was shot in what is basically a cave, with one small window which served as the only available light.  She had originally intended on utilizing off camera flash, but her Pocket Wizards weren’t firing that…

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.22.42 AM

What Are Photoshop Actions?

One frequently asked question I get is “what are Photoshop actions and how can they help me as a photographer?” At MCP Actions, we have been designing professional Photoshop actions since 2006. Our actions will help you improve your digital photography and save you time while editing! While there isn’t a universal definition, at MCP,…


Finishing Steps in Adobe’s Bridge – Preparing for Web

Thank you to Daniel Hurtubise for this great post on using Bridge as part of your editing workflow. Hi everyone, as you are reading that post I’m boarding a floating Cessna to our first location, the bear shooting in the Alaskan Wild. I might get internet access in between location changes since will be back…


Bridge Workflow: Editing Multiple Photos at Once

So to keep going with Bridge, Daniel Hurtubise is doing another great workflow post. I came back Wednesday from a car racing event with roughly 1500 images taken over 3 days… that’s a lot of work. So here’s how I deal with it: First I will start by “stacking” pictures that will need the same…


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