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Tamron EF-M 18-200mm Di III VC lens photo shows up online


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Tamron is rumored to become the first third-party manufacturer that releases an EF-M lens aimed at Canon EOS M mirrorless cameras in the body of the 18-200mm Di III VC optic.

Canon has recently released a new lens for EOS M cameras. The EF-M 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM is now official and will become available around the world except for North America, a situation similar to the EOS M2 camera and the 11-22mm f/4.5-5.6 lens.

The system is not very popular in the US and neighboring areas, so Canon has decided against bringing these products into these locations. Either way, the EOS M series is not doing well in terms of sales regardless of the market and the company has appeared reluctant to put very much effort into it.

Despite all these shortcomings, it seems like a third-party lens manufacturer will add some versatility to Canon’s mirrorless cameras by releasing a new and all-round EF-M lens.

According to inside sources, the Tamron EF-M 18-200mm Di III VC lens will become official on June 19 for Canon EOS M mirrorless cameras.

tamron-ef-m-18-200mm-di-iii-vc Tamron EF-M 18-200mm Di III VC lens photo shows up online Rumors

The first Tamron EF-M 18-200mm Di III VC lens photo leaked on the web. Tamron is rumored to become the first 3rd-party maker to launch a Canon EF-M-mount lens.

Tamron to become the first 3rd-party maker to release a Canon EF-M lens

Tamron knows what it is doing when it comes to all-round lenses and this model will follow the same path. This long-zoom lens will offer a 35mm focal length equivalent of 29-320mm and it could remove the need of any other lens for your Canon EOS M camera.

Furthermore, Tamron lenses are providing very good image quality at affordable prices, so there is no reason why the EF-M 18-200mm Di III VC lens will be an exception.

As stated above, the optic will be unveiled on June 19, therefore you will have to stay tuned for tomorrow to grab all the details.

Tamron EF-M 18-200mm Di III VC lens leaked before its official launch

Before labeling this one as fake, the picture posted above is actually the first photo of the Tamron EF-M 18-200mm Di III VC lens. Since it is coming from a reliable source, who has been right in the past, and it looks legit, this story has a good chance of being real.

In addition, Tamron is already selling an 18-200mm lens. It is available for between $700 and $750 at Amazon for Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras.

The Sony E-mount version comes with an f/3.5-6.3 maximum aperture and there are few reasons to believe that the Canon EOS M version will be any different. As previously stated, stick with us to see how this story unfolds!

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