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The Death Of Conversation caught on camera by Babycakes Romero


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London-based photographer Babycakes Romero is aiming to prove that people have become dull, courtesy of a project called “The Death Of Conversation”, consisting of photos of people who are on their phones instead of focusing on the people around them.

Several studies have proven that the happy people are the ones who socialize face-to-face, while the ones who are unhappy choose to spend time alone watching TV or staring extensively at the phone.

There has been a lot of debate around this subject. Although Facebook is supposed to be about socializing, lots of people are saying that spending a huge amount of time using a gadget is the opposite of socializing.

A firm believer in this idea is a photographer who calls himself Babycakes Romero. He spends his time photographing people who are on the phone instead of striking a conversation with the people around them.

His photo project is called “The Death Of Conversation” and the contents of the series are self-explanatory.

Smartphones are one of the main causes of “The Death Of Conversation”

Street photographer extraordinaire Babycakes Romero has noticed that people are using their phone even while being accompanied by other people. He says that he even experienced this first-hand as smartphones have caused moments of silence even among his friends.

The artist proves that people withdraw themselves from a conversation and believes that this helps people with getting away from other people.

Romero describes public smartphone usage as “a form of rejection”, as humans are choosing to concentrate on a tiny gadget instead of speaking to the people who are around them.

The London-based photographer also bemoans the fact that humans are seeking to solve their emotional issues in the virtual world instead of trying to do this in real life.

Babycakes Romero: “people are plugged in to a virtual world of their own making”

Although it has been around for decades, photography is still a very sensitive subjects. People want their privacy to be respected, albeit they are posting their life all over the web.

Usually, photographers are not met with kindness when taking a photo of a stranger on the street. However, Babycakes Romero is noting that the people focused on their smartphones are not even aware of the photographer, as they are focused on their virtual world.

The artist adds that people consider that notifications are directly related to them, while in a regular conversation they are not the main subject of the discussion.

“The Death Of Conversation” is sending a powerful message. It is a great photo series and it is just one Babycakes Romero’s works. More stunning pieces from this artist can be found at his personal website.

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