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The Other Side of a Stormtrooper’s life exposed through photography


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Artist Jorge Pérez Higuera is exploring “The Other Side” of the Stormtroopers’ story, providing a glimpse into their everyday life through photography.

Imperial Stormtroopers are known for being soldiers of the Galactic Empire in the Star Wars universe. War does not last forever and they must take breaks, so people have often wondered what the Stormtroopers are doing when they are not fighting. As it turns out, “The Other Side” of the story looks like the usual day of people like you and I.

The answer comes from photographer Jorge Pérez Higuera who has captured the everyday life of an Imperial Stormtrooper for a project called “The Other Side”.

A Stormtrooper’s life revealed through “The Other Side” photo project

The Star Wars movies are showing us the Stormtroopers only when fighting the enemies of the Galactic Empire or when protecting its assets, such as the Death Star.

It is time to stop judging these folks by the people they protect and to take a look into their personal lives. We can do this with the help of Jorge Pérez Higuera, a Spanish artist who captured on camera Stormtroopers completing various tasks.

It appears that these fierce soldiers are regular people, as they have to cook and to eat, they have to do the dishes or their laundry, while maintaining their homes.

Additionally, they have feelings, too. They get sad and you can see one Stormtrooper celebrating his birthday alone, while another one getting angry when his car breaks down.

Although they are fighting for the wrong side, we are happy to see that they can relax in a jacuzzi or doing activities with other Stormtroopers, such as going to the movies or knitting.

Artist Jorge Pérez Higuera aiming to put a big smile on one’s face

This project is the work of photographer Jorge Pérez Higuera. The artist got the idea after receiving a Stormtrooper costume during his last year in college. Jorge studied in Madrid, Spain and began his project back in 2012.

The name of the project is “The Other Side”, as it truly shows the other side of a Stormtrooper’s story. It allows viewers to be sympathetic with the subjects, despite the fact that they are portrayed as the bad guys in the Star Wars movies.

According to the artist, his goal is to bring a smile to the viewer’s face and, if it is possible, to make one laugh out loud. I think that we can all agree that Jorge Pérez Higuera has met his goal. More details about the photographer can be found at his website.

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