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Superheroes pictured in “The Quest for the Absolute” series


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France-based photographer Benoit Lapray has compiled a series of manipulated photos called “The Quest for the Absolute” which consists of superheroes enjoying some time alone in beautiful places.

There are numerous voices saying that a photographer should not alter his photos too much. However, most lensmen agree that post-processing adds something extra to otherwise dull shots.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle as you could say that sometimes editing is done poorly, so the viewers do not appreciate bad photoshopping. However, some photographers really know how to edit a photo and when to stop with post-processing.

As a result, there are lots of people who are very good at editing. Such is the case of photographer Benoit Lapray, who is also a freelance retoucher. He is the author of an impressive series, named “The Quest for the Absolute”, that depicts lonely superheroes in stunning landscapes.

“The Quest for the Absolute” is  Benoit Lapray’s idea of what superheroes are doing when they need to be alone

Photographer Benoit Lapray has been born and raised in France. After studying art and photography at school, he has worked as an advertising photographer and retoucher for seven years.

Benoit has also won the “UPC Decouverte” award back in 2007 with a series of architecture photos. Additionally, his work has been exhibited at “La maison the photographes” in 2008.

Now, the artist is based in Paris and is mostly focused on retouching. By looking at his photos, it is easy to understand why photo-editing is considered his one true love.

“The Quest for the Absolute” is a collection of photos depicting beautiful scenery. However, the shots would not have been complete without adding world’s most popular superheroes into them.

Batman, Superman, Thor, and the other superheroes trying to “find themselves”

Superman, Thor, Batman, Spider-Man, Flash, Captain America, Silver Surfer, and Wonder Woman are all a part of “The Quest for the Absolute”.

They are shown as sitting alone, probably contemplating about the past, future, and present, while appearing to be tired of fighting crime. It is very unlikely that they have abandoned their crime-fighting life, instead, they are merely trying to find themselves.

The photographer does not say what happens to the people who still need to be saved, but we can all agree that the superheroes need some rest from time to time.

The problem is that crime never stops so we can only hope that Batman, Superman, Iron Man, and others will get back to saving lives soon.

For more photos, Benoit Lapray’s entire portfolio, and more details about the artist, you should check out his personal website.

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