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mcp-show-and-tell-graphic2-600x600 SHOW AND TELL: A PLAYGROUND FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS Announcements Lightroom Presets Photo Sharing & Inspiration Photoshop Actions Social Networking What is Show and Tell?

Show and Tell is not a new action set, nor is it presets or textures. Instead, it is a new experience. Remember back to early childhood when you stood up in front of class and showed off your exciting new toys? Well, it’s kind of like that… only it’s the grown up photographer version.

Choose your role:
1) You can be the kid who goes in front of class by uploading your before and after images using MCP products and telling your classmates how you did it.
2) You can be one of the kids in the classroom watching Show and Tell, learning how to edit their photos better and faster. You’ll see what it takes to go from A to Z when editing your images.
3) Start by watching others and then get up your courage and take your turn in front of the class and “SHOW” us your photos.

So CLICK HERE to learn more and experience this new Photographer’s Playground: SHOW AND TELL.

When we ask customers in our Facebook Group and on our Facebook Page what they want, they often reply “SHOW us before and after images that TELL us about the edits.”  Our answer to this is the brand new Show and Tell.

Show-And-Tell-1 SHOW AND TELL: A PLAYGROUND FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS Announcements Lightroom Presets Photo Sharing & Inspiration Photoshop Actions Social Networking


We set up the “classroom” so it’s easy get good grades.  Actually, it’s so easy and a bit addicting too.  You’ll find that you want to keep adding your favorites (or at least we hope you do). All you have to do is:

SHOW: Choose your images, resize them (you can use the free Facebook Fix actions), upload.

TELL: Type in a few quick things, like your camera settings/equipment used, what MCP actions and presets you used, and how you made your photo look amazing.



You can still join in the fun.   Scroll through the submissions, find your favorites and see how they edited the photos.  You can even search by a specific set.  Make sure to LIKE your favorites.  And PIN the images you love to a Pinterest board, just by hovering over the after photo.

More Info:

Once submitted, images will be reviewed within a week. Not all images will be chosen. Some may still need some fine tuning. Highlight your best work. If you want feedback on your image before submission, then we recommend joining our Facebook group and ask for feedback prior to uploading here. Submit as many photos as you like, and re-visit often to add more and view the new ones.

Come back and see if you got selected for Show and Tell (again, give us up to a week). If so, post to your social networks.  We are giving you a little permission to brag. Occasionally we will add a horizontal image to the laptop slideshow on the front page of Show and Tell – and you even have a chance to get featured as a Blueprint on our main blog or on the MCP Facebook Page.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time for Show and Tell.



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