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The SINGH project reveals the epic beards of Sikh men


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Popular photographers Amit and Naroop have launched a Kickstarter project that is all about celebrating the beard and the turban of Sikh men. The duo has captured great-looking portraits of Sikh men and their rugged beards and have compiled the SINGH project that will result into an exhibition and photo book.

Kickstarter is not all about actual products, such as quadcopters or special cameras. Sometimes content creators are looking for the necessary funds to release a book or start an exhibition. Such is the case of UK-based photographers Amit and Naroop who have revealed their SINGH project on Kickstarter.

The SINGH project goes live on Kickstarter as a photographic tribute to Sikh men

Amit and Naroop are both Sikh men. They have been raised in London, UK and have embarked on photography-related careers. They have met roughly nine years ago during a photo shoot with a singer and have decided to start working together.

Now they are working with renowned artists such as 50 Cent, Tinie Tempah, Ricky Gervais, Jay Sean, and Alex Zane.

Lately, they have been expanding their horizons and have been working on numerous interesting projects. One of them is called the SINGH project and it consists of 35 photos of Sikh men that will be turned into a full-fledged exhibition, courtesy of Kickstarter funding.

The SINGH project is all about paying a tribute to British Sikh men who are proudly wearing their turban and beard regardless of their line of work.

The photographers say that they have looked for different types of men, including doctors, sports people, and magicians among others. They wanted to keep the project as diverse as possible, although the shots have been captured in their studio with identical lighting and setup in order to keep the focus on the subjects.

Amit and Naroop’s source of inspiration has been the rise of the beard in British culture

The source of inspiration has been the rise in popularity of the beard in British culture. This occurred in 2013 when male models featured in advertisements, billboards, magazines, and commercials mostly featured big and rugged beards.

Since this is an iconic trait of the Sikh men, Amit and Naroop have decided to create the SINGH project as a tribute the tradition of the Sikh faith. Beards are joined by turbans and the portraits are all showing different personalities.

Thankfully, the project has already been funded successfully so the exhibition is happening, while the booklets will be printed and sent to the backers.

There are 15 days left in which you can donate and turn it into an even bigger project. For more details, head over to its official Kickstarter page, while deciding whether to grow such manly beard or not.

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