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Then-and-now photos of the D-Day landing scenes


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Photographer Peter Macdiarmid has captured a series of photos depicting areas related to D-Day landing scenes and put them alongside similar shots captured around the date that proved to be decisive in World War II.

It is perhaps the largest seaborne invasion of all time. It is the day that turned the tides of World War II in Europe. It has been codenamed Operation Neptune and it is the action that kickstarted Operation Overlord. We are talking about the Normandy landings, commonly-known as D-Day.

There are several iconic photos that are depicting the day when the Allied Forces have invaded the beaches of Normandy, France in order to try to liberate Europe from the Germany’s Nazi forces under the ruling of Adolf Hitler.

The invasion proved to be a success and roughly one-year later Germany surrendered. As stated above, there are lots of photos captured during the war, some being more disturbing than others.

In the meantime, some areas have been completely transformed, while others continue to provide similar sightings. In order to test this, photographer Peter Macdiarmid has traveled to France and England and has captured the modern-day scenery and has compared them with things that are history. The results are pretty amazing and worth a closer look.

Amazing then-and-now photos of the D-Day landing scenes by photographer Peter Macdiarmid

Not all photos have been captured on D-Day. Some have been taken before June 6, 1944 or after this date. Still they are giving us a glimpse of what war used to look like depending on how close you were to a battlefield.

War is not beautiful and we are hoping that humanity will never see D-Day-like scenes again. This is why we have to look into the past as we need to see the mistakes that have been made and how to avoid repeating them.

An important part of Operation Overlord, the Normandy landings have seen about 156,000 Allied troops taking France’s beaches by storm. The D-Day then-and-now photos are pretty contrasting, something that we can all expect.

Either way, a picture is worth a thousand words, so check out the gallery of then-and-now photos of the D-Day landing scenes.

About photographer Peter Macdiarmid

The artist has been born in Scotland and is currently working as a Getty Images photographer in the UK.

He has won several awards related to photography, while also being a finalist for the Pulitzer prize with his amazing Arab Spring photos.

Peter Macdiarmid’s photos can be found at his official website where you can also learn more about the artist and how to contact him.

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