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Amazingly cute photos of 10-month-old Theodore’s adventure


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Photographer Daniela Babic has sent her 10-month-old son on a great journey to meet his favorite animals using Adobe Photoshop for the “Theodore’s Adventure” photo project.

What started as a passion for all creative things has turned into a real love for photography and image-editing for Daniela Babic. A mother of three boys, the 33-year-old bank employee from Vienna loves good lighting in a photo, which she uses each time she fires the camera shutter.

Her “baby” project is called “Theodore’s Adventure” and it consists of adorable photos of her youngest son, Theodore, who is meeting his favorite animals from the zoo thanks to some clever photoshopping.

Theodore’s Adventure: touching photos of toddler meeting his favorite animals

Back in 2008, Daniela started leaning Photoshop on her own and she became more fond of photography in 2010. She has not attended any photography schools or workshops, so everything she knows is taken from books, magazines, and articles on the internet.

At some point in her career as a passionate amateur photographer, the artist had become “a little frustrated” because she was unable to get it right. However, it all changed when she found some photos captured during an earlier visit to the zoo. Daniela had decided to photoshop 10-month-old Theodore alongside the animals at the zoo and this is how a great project was born.

It is called “Theodore’s Adventure” because it presents the adorable adventures of her youngest son, Theodore. The first story consists of the toddler meeting a polar bear. After that he has experienced over 30 adventures since the project’s inception.

Daniela Babic says that the project is far from being completed, so Theodore has many more adventures to go through and many other animals to meet.

More details about photographer Daniela Babic

Although she has previously studied to become a fashion designer, Daniela is working at a bank, as stated above. She likes to draw and to paint, but photography and Photoshop are her true passions.

The mother of three is based in Vienna, Austria, where she lives with her significant other and her three boys.

“Theodore’s Adventure” is definitely a project that will touch your heart and you will definitely remember it for years to come. Daniela Babic may describe herself as an amateur photographer, but the lighting and composition techniques are nearing perfection.

More information and photos can be found at her official website at High Four Photography.

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