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Tilt-shift Sony A-mount lens rumored to be in the works


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Sony is working on a new tilt-shift lens for A-mount cameras, as the company will keep supporting this line-up alongside E-mount full frame and APS-C shooters.

Photographers have accused Sony of providing limited support for the A-mount in recent times. The company has shifted focus on E-mount cameras and lenses since 2013. During the past couple of years, only a few A-mount products have been announced, but the Japan-based company has repeatedly said that good news is on its way.

These details are backed-up by the rumor mill, with a source claiming that A-mount cameras and lenses are in development. Furthermore, the source says that a tilt-shift Sony A-mount lens will be introduced soon along with another model of unknown focal length and designation.

sony-a77-ii Tilt-shift Sony A-mount lens rumored to be in the works Rumors

Sony launched the A77 II in May 2014, more than one year after the introduction of the last A-mount camera. The company is said to be planning more A-mount goodies, including a tilt-shift lens, as a testimony of its support for this line-up.

Tilt-shift Sony A-mount lens is in development and will be released soon

Professional photographers are not very fond of Sony’s portfolio. Although the products that are available can be compared to Nikon and Sony models, they are fewer in numbers.

Additionally, the PlayStation maker needs to offer more varied lenses and it seems like the plan is to launch two new units, including a tilt-shift Sony A-mount lens.

The announcement date, specs, and price details are all unknown for now, but this information is coming from someone who has spoken with a Sony photographer.

As stated above, another A-mount optic is also in the works. However, the details are scarce, so you will have to take this with a grain of salt.

Sony will only support the A7x and A9x A-mount series

Most of Sony’s attention will be directed towards the E-mount line-up. Nevertheless, the A-mount series will be supported as well and it is very unlikely that the company will abandon it.

It appears that the manufacturer will try to focus more on high-end pro-grade optics, but new cameras will also be released. As rumored in the past, the lower-end A-mount series, such as the A58 and A65, will not be continued. Instead, only the A7x and A9x models will be updated.

Sony launched the A77 II in 2014, so the next model should be the A99 replacement. It has been a while since the company released its flagship full-frame camera, therefore we could see its successor sometime in 2015.

Either way, stay tuned to Camyx in order to find out more details!

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