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Todd Baxter’s “Project Astoria” depicts an utopian future


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Photographer Todd Baxter has created a special photo series, called Project Astoria, that depicts an utopian future where humans have already colonized other planets.

The fascination for space and technology related activities comes from Todd Baxter’s childhood. Both his father and grandfather have worked in the space program of the United States, so the artist has always had access to thematic museums where he has learned lots of things about space.

While he did not make a connection between the Cold War and the Space Race, Todd was fascinated about many space-related things, including the fact that US and Soviet Union ships would meet and link up in space. This all sounded like an utopian future, so the artist has been hooked on space and technology ever since.

Many years later, the artist has now created Project Astoria, a photo series that includes a future where humanity is colonizing other planets.

Todd Baxter reveals an utopian future courtesy of the “Project Astoria” image series

The project has a story, too. The photographer and his wife, Aubrey Videtto, have created the story arc, which does not involve a perfect outcome, as it would have resulted in a boring scenario, he said.

Todd Baxter’s wife is a talented writer and designer, so the Project Astoria series has been turned into a successful photo show called “Test 01”.

The story arc fits the photos and this has become proof that original artwork can still be created, when artists decide to put a lot of effort into their projects.

The images of “Project Astoria” have been printed on a large scale in order to create the “Test 01” show. Some of the most interesting shots were “Astronauts and Tapirs”, “Snow Ubi”, and “House 104”.

Photographer Todd Baxter has revealed that most of the photos include “elements” captured during a 10-year period in various areas around the US. Nevertheless, some have been captured in a dedicated photo studio somewhere in Chicago.

More info about the artist

Todd Baxter has studied photography and other forms of art at the University of New Mexico. He has been a photography teacher for about two years in Albuquerque, while the next two years have been spent teaching the same thing in Oman.

The artist has returned to the US in 2002 and has begun working as a freelance photographer. The largest project in his portfolio is called “Owl Scouts” and it has been well-received by his audience.

Baxter’s work can be found at his official website, so make sure that you give it a closer look.

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