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Huge Tokyo panorama measures 150-gigapixel


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The second biggest panorama photo in the world measures 150-gigapixel and it has been captured from the pinnacle of the Tokyo Tower.

Earlier this year, 360cities has revealed a 320-gigapixel panorama image. The impressive work has been done from the BT Tower and it depicted London during the 2012 Summer Olympics.

tokyo-gigapixel-panorama Huge Tokyo panorama measures 150-gigapixel Exposure

The Tokyo gigapixel panorama has become the second largest photo ever. It measures 150 gigapixels and it would have a width of 328 feet, if printed.

Massive Tokyo panorama becomes world’s second largest ever

A new gigantic panorama is now available on 360cities, but it shows the city of Tokyo, Japan, not London, UK. Even though it is two times smaller, that does not make it less impressive.

The 150-megapixel panorama of Tokyo has a width of 600,000 pixels. This means that it would be 328-feet wide, if it were to print it. Additionally, its height would be 164-feet.

Photographer Jeffrey Martin captured 10,000 photos in two days with a Canon 7D camera

The whole process has been made possible with the help of Fujitsu Technology Solutions. A Celsius R920 workstation has been supplied, which allowed the photographer Jeffrey Martin to process the photos.

According to the creator, the computer required 12 days to stitch 10,000 photos and create the Tokyo panorama. The Fujitsu workstation featured a 12-core processor and 192GB RAM.

Moreover, it is worth specifying that Martin has used a Canon 7D DSLR and a 400mm f/5.6L super telephoto lens to take the shots. It appears that the panorama was captured over the course of two days.

Explore Tokyo right here, right now

Everybody is invited to dive into the panorama. You could even spend hours exploring Tokyo and discover funny or interesting things that may have gone unnoticed so far.

The gigantic photo is embedded on our website. However, the full resolution panorama is available only at the 360cities website.

canon-7d Huge Tokyo panorama measures 150-gigapixel Exposure

Canon 7D camera has been used in combination with a 400mm f/5.6L USM lens to capture the 10,000 photos required to create the 150-gigapixel Tokyo panorama.

Want to create a huge panorama using the same gear? Here is how you can do it

If you want to try your hand at capturing such a panorama, then you should purchase a Canon 7D camera at Amazon for $1,499. Nevertheless, the Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L USM super telephoto lens is available for $1,219.

On the other hand, a Fujitsu Celsius R920 workstation cannot be found at conventional stores. Fortunately, the manufacturer provides a way to help you locate a reseller at its website.

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