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Photographer Tom Ryaboi does perilous tricks atop skyscrapers


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Photographer Tom Ryaboi and his friends are climbing atop skyscrapers to perform dangerous tricks and to take amazing photos in the process.

There is something about the human nature that drives us to be adventurous and always look to get one step further beyond the safety line. Curiosity is probably one of the biggest traits of any human being and we have even named a Mars rover like this as a testimony to our inquisitiveness.

Photographer Tom Ryaboi and friends climb on skyscrapers’ roofs to capture photos of themselves doing perilous tricks

One of the bravest thrillseekers is named Tom Ryaboi. The photographer is well known for climbing skyscrapers and capturing some stunning images during his excursion. However, most of the times he is not alone, as Tom is bringing his friends with him.

His buddies are there to add some more twists to the photos by performing dangerous tricks, such as dangling from the rails atop the skyscrapers and conquering their fears.

Sitting on top of the cityscape makes everything go quiet, induces vertigo

Tom Ryaboi says that sitting on the roofs if pretty amazing, as the city looks smaller and it goes quiet. Everything seems so peaceful from above and it gets even better during nighttime.

The images are pretty powerful and they could induce vertigo so the lighthearted. Viewers can check out how cities look like from skyscrapers’ rooftops and they might be encouraged to follow the same path. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that you should not do this due to the dangerous nature of the process.

“I love what I’m doing and it sets me free”, Tom Ryaboi says

Cityscape photography simply looks better from above, but the main subjects in the images are the people doing those perilous stunts. We can see them balancing on the ledge or standing at the very edge of the rooftop to get a finer view of what is going on down below.

Tom Ryaboi is not there to simply take pictures, as sometimes he is the subject in danger. It provides true freedom, he says about standing on a skyscraper’s edge, as this is the thing he loves doing most.

The photographer has been doing this from 2007 and he says that he has inspired some folks to go to every rooftop in Toronto. However, as stated above, please do not try this at “home” and always capture stunning views without putting yourself in danger.

The full collection of photos are available at his 500px account, called Roof Topper, of course.

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