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Lifelines: touching photos of homeless people and their pets


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Photographer Norah Levine has captured a series of touching photos depicting the unbreakable bond between homeless persons and their pets as a part of a philanthropic project called “Lifelines”.

Homeless people find little comfort in this world. Most of them do not have any friends and their chances of escaping this hard life are very slim. A lot of them will try to alleviate the situation by getting a pet and this is how they are actually kickstarting a beautiful friendship.

Photographer Norah Levine has teamed up with the Animal Trustees of Austin, Texas (the creators of the 4PAWS Program) as well as Gabrielle Amster, an audio producer, in order to develop the “Lifelines” project, that includes touching photos of homeless people and their pets.

Norah Levine created “Lifelines”, a project consisting of touching photos of homeless people and their pets

“Lifelines” is a photo project aimed at capturing the bond between the homeless and their pets. Most of the people portrayed in “Lifelines” have chosen dogs as their pets, who can be really helpful in times of hardship.

It is commonly known that animal-assisted therapy has been used for years as a form of treatment. The bond between humans and their pets is a strong one, as animals give humans a sense of security and a peaceful state of mind.

Photographer Norah Levine has captured it all on camera and the “Lifelines” project honors the connection between homeless people and their pets, as stated above.

The 4PAWS Program is actually an acronym for “For People and Animals Without Shelter” and allows homeless people to get treatment for their pets without paying anything. The services include sterilization, surgery, and vaccination for the pets.

The image project is also proving that people would go a long way to take good care of their pets as evidenced by the love shown by the animals in the photos.

About photographer Norah Levine

The photos of Norah Levine have appeared in numerous popular magazines, including Oprah’s. She is a professional photographer who is specialized in children and pet photography types, the latter which has also sparked her desire to create the “Lifelines” project.

She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband. The family also includes five pets, all of which have been rescued from the streets or animal shelters.

In the past, she has acted as a Santa Fe Photographic Workshop instructor, although now she mostly focuses on Lifelines and her photography. More details about Norah Levine and her portfolio can be found at her personal website.

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