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Towerjazz and Gpixel announce 150-megapixel image sensor


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Towerjazz and Gpixel have unveiled the image sensor with the highest resolution in the CMOS world, clocked in at 150 megapixels, at the Image Sensors 2014 conference.

There is not denying that digital camera advancements have stalled in recent times. This is one of the reasons why the sales have dropped, causing manufacturers to report poor revenue.

Nevertheless, development has not come to a complete stop and a lot of people are praising Sony for its efforts to revolutionize this industry with its lens-style cameras and high-resolution full frame mirrorless cameras.

Towerjazz and Gpixel reveal impressive GMAX3005 150-megapixel image sensor

gmax3005 Towerjazz and Gpixel announce 150-megapixel image sensor News and Reviews

GMAX3005 is a CMOS image sensor developed by Towerjazz and Gpixel. It is the world’s highest resolution CMOS sensor.

One of the biggest improvements in digital imaging to be revealed this year has been announced  at the Image Sensors 2014 event taking place in London, UK. However, the announcement does not come from the usual suspects; it comes from two companies called Towerjazz and Gpixel.

The duo has introduced a new image sensor, called GMAX3005 which is capable of capturing shots at a staggering resolution of 150 megapixels.

Towerjazz and Gpixel call it a full frame sensor, albeit it has a photon-sensitive area of 165 x 27.5mm, which is nothing close to a full frame sensor.

GMAX3005 is now world’s highest resolution CMOS sensor

The new 150-megapixel image sensor features the highest resolution in the world. It is a CMOS sensor that only takes black and white photos. It is capable of outputting 200Mbps data via two channels and it only requires 2.5W of power when used at its highest frame rate and resolution.

For the time being, the new Towerjazz and Gpixel GMAX3005 sensor will be used for medical, scientific, and industrial purposes. Unfortunately, there are no plans to bring it into the world of consumer cameras and DSLRs.

The most important thing, nonetheless, is that the two partners have proven that there is still room for improvement. Conventional camera makers can learn from this and further develop their technologies because it is possible to break conventional boundaries, as evidenced by this 150-megapixel sensor.

Major implications in a broad array of industries and emerging countries

This high-end sensor will have major implications in the automotive and security industries, too, Gpixel says. There is a high demand for such image sensors in emerging countries and the most important “customer” is China.

During the GMAX3005 announcement, Gpixel has revealed that China will become world’s biggest image sensor market in the coming years.

Other high-profile sensors may be announced soon, but the two partners are confident that the GMAX3005 and its 10fps frame rate at full resolution will raise the interest of multiple companies.

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