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Traveling Cars Adventure: toy cars in dramatic scenery


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Photographer Kim Leuenberger is the mastermind behind a creative photo series, called “Traveling Cars Adventure”, which depicts tiny toy cars in dramatic scenery.

Finding a source of inspiration as a beginner photographer is very hard sometimes. The same thing goes for experienced photographers who have seen them all, done them all. Nevertheless, it has been quite easy for Kim Leuenberger, a 21-year-old photographer born in Switzerland who is quite fond of both traveling and cars.

Traveling and cars are a winning combination so the young photographer has decided to start her “sweetheart” project using these ideas. It is called “Traveling Cars Adventure” and it consists of toy cars placed in interesting locations that sometimes offer dramatic backgrounds.

Photographer Kim Leuenberger takes photos of toy cars placed in dramatic landscapes

Kim Leuenberger has always been a fan of photography and she has been experimenting with it using various devices. Her first DSLR was a Nikon D3100 received as a gift when she turned 19 years old.

Now she is using a Canon 5D Mark III for commercial and professional photography purposes and an iPhone has become her main tool for capturing the adventures of her tiny cars.

The first photo of the project has consisted of a blue minivan coupled with a paddington bear. The shot has been uploaded on Instagram and her followers have truly appreciated the work, so she has decided to keep going with it.

Being a car as well as a moto fanatic, Kim has purchased a yellow Volkswagen Beetle from Catalunya and a red Vespa from Tuscany. The toys can be seen in her photos, which also contain beautiful reflections and landscapes.

“Traveling Cars Adventure” project lives on, while the toy car collection is expanding

Kim is now living in London and does not find much time to update her project as often as she would like. However, her collection is now stretching to dozens of mini cars. Kim puts them to good use, but likes to carry a Beetle and a Vespa with her at all times because you never know when you find another cool scene.

The Traveling Cars Adventure also contain photos of a red Mini Cooper and a blue Mini Cooper as well as of multiple vans. Kim Leuenberger says that she is a fan of these vintage cars because they are “old” and have stories to tell.

Her mother owns a Volkswagen Beetle and someday she would love to own one as well. Kim would use it to travel a lot, but she does not need one right now because she is “a student in London”.

The photographer has her own personal website where you can find out more details about her and see more photos!

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