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Two new Sony cameras coming in early 2014


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Sony is allegedly working on a pair of new cameras, one with an APS-C sensor and one with a full frame captor, that will be announced during the first quarter of 2014.

The last major launch event held by Sony took place in mid-October. It seems like there will not be another one by the end of 2013, but the company is preparing something for early next year.

sony-a7-and-a7r Two new Sony cameras coming in early 2014 Rumors

Sony A7 and A7R are the last major announcements made by the Japanese camera maker. It seems like two new and important devices are coming in Q1 2014.

Sony poised to introduce two cameras with APS-C and full frame sensors soon

According to the latest leaked information, two new Sony cameras will be announced in Q1 2014, the units featuring different image sensors.

The last to come from Sony, the A7, A7R, and RX10, featured full frame and 1-inch-type sensors, respectively. It seems like the next event will include a model with an APS-C captor and one with a full frame sensor.

CES 2014 is a possible birth-ground for the two new Sony cameras

The announcements will occur sometime at the beginning of next year. There are two major events that fit the frame, such as the Consumer Electronics Show and the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show.

Taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, the former is one of the largest trade fairs on Earth and many companies have used this opportunity to launch some of the most important products in their history.

On the other hand, the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show takes place in mid-February, roughly one month after CES 2014, but it does it on the home soil of most camera manufacturers: Japan. It could also house the launches of the two cameras as of February 13, so Sony needs to decide whether to grab more exposure or bring it back home.

NEX-7, A77, A99, and RX1 replacements are likely candidates

The details come from sources claiming to be familiar with the Japanese company’s plans. It certainly fits what we have heard in the past, as Sony is rumored to be working on multiple new devices.

This list includes the NEX-7 replacement, tiny APS-C E-mount camera, APS-C A-mount SLT A79 (the A77 substitute), RX1 successor (the RX2), a new full frame E-mount shooter, and a device to succeed the full frame A-mount A99.

Sony fans would probably enjoy seeing all of these being introduced at the same time, but this fact is very unlikely to happen.

Nevertheless, remember to stick with us because more information will be unearthed soon and we will report it as it comes in.

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