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Unique Canon tilt-shift IS lens patented in Japan


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Canon has patented a tilt-shift lens that comes packed with built-in optical image stabilization technology, which would allow users to capture tilt-shift photos without worrying about camera shakes.

The rumor mill has us believe that Canon has a weird relationship with its line-up of tilt-shift lenses. The EOS maker has been rumored to be working on new TS-E optics for at least a couple of years, but the products keep on getting delayed.

The latest details from the grapevine are saying that the Japan-based company is working on a unique tilt-shift lens. The optic will employ macro capabilities and it will be released in 2016.

There is one more thing that the lens could have: optical image stabilization. Canon has just patented a tilt-shift lens with built-in IS system, proving that even this achievement is not impossible.

canon-tilt-shift-is-lens-patent Unique Canon tilt-shift IS lens patented in Japan Rumors

Canon has patented a tilt-shift lens that employs an optical image stabilization technology.

Canon patents tilt-shift lens with built-in optical image stabilization technology

The Canon tilt-shift IS lens was patented on May 28, 2015 after about one and a half years in pending status, as the patent was filed on November 18, 2013.

The focal length and maximum aperture details of the optic are not mentioned within the patent, which hints at the fact that Canon simply wants to patent an idea. Additionally, this suggests that the optical image stabilization technology could make its way into more tilt-shift models instead of just one.

Canon’s patent is describing an interesting mechanism that controls both groups of elements: the shift one and the tilted one.

The anti-vibration technology is in place in order to make sure that shakes caused by the lack of a tripod are controlled with ease. Tilt-shift photography usually requires a tripod in order to make sure that the resulting photos are as the photographers envisioned them.

Canon tilt-shift IS lens may also offer macro capabilities

The Japanese manufacturer has already been rumored of working on a unique tilt-shift lens which features macro support. The lens could lead to amazing portraits of small subjects and image stabilization is very important when it comes to macro photography.

This Canon tilt-shift IS lens patent could pave the way for more accessible tilt-shift photography sessions, but it could prove to be an expensive model.

Canon would be making an astonishing lens if it were to launch a tilt-shift macro lens with IS capabilities. It remains to be seen whether the EOS maker can pull it off and how soon it is going to happen.

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