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Updated Canon EOS 80D details revealed online


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An updated list of Canon EOS 80D details has been revealed by a trusted source claiming that the DSLR camera will come packed with advanced and interesting features.

Although there is a lot of time left until the launch of the Canon EOS 70D replacement, the gossip mill is spreading many rumors about the upcoming DSLR. We have seen a couple of specs lists so far, but now we are ready to reveal another one.

A reliable source, who has shared accurate information in the past, has leaked some updated Canon EOS 80D details. It appears that the camera will have a feature-packed specs list, that will include built-in WiFi among other technologies.

New Canon EOS 80D details leaked on the web

The EOS 70D was the first DSLR to employ a Dual Pixel CMOS AF system. The new model will sport a more advanced autofocus technology, albeit it is unclear how advanced it will be. The shooter may even come packed with the AF system found in the EOS 7D Mark II, which consists of 65 cross-type focus points.

canon-70d-front Updated Canon EOS 80D details revealed online Rumors

Canon 70D’s replacement, called 80D, might come packed with a new and improved autofocus system.

WiFi is available in the EOS 70D and will make its way into the EOS 80D. It will be joined by NFC, while GPS functionality will still be missing from the xxD series, the source said.

According to the updated Canon EOS 80D details, the DSLR will have a tilting screen and a 28-megapixel APS-C image sensor along with a continuous shooting mode of up to 8fps.

Other than the aforementioned information, everything else is considered wild speculation, as the camera will be launched in mid-2016. It is too early to hand out a definite EOS 80D specs list, as the company is most likely testing different configurations, so do not hold your breath over these features.

Wild Cannon 80D rumors hinting at focus peaking and anti-flickering technologies

There are some wild speculations surrounding this DSLR, too. The more unlikely features include anti-flickering technology, which is found in the EOS 7D Mark II, along with focus peaking, which is usually found in mirrorless cameras, including the EOS M3.

While it is interesting to see such features in the EOS 80D, this camera is more of a mid-level device, so it would not make sense for it to have even more features than the APS-C flagship, the 7DMk2.

As stated above, the camera is expected sometime in the summer of 2016. Until then, stay tuned for more Canon EOS 80D details!

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