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“Used” Canon 5D Mark III sold as “new” by accident, said DigitalRev


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DigitalRev has admitted that it made a mistake in selling a used camera as “new”, following the complaint of a photographer.

On February 11th, we reported that a photographer has discovered that his camera has been used before by DigitalRev, the retailer from where he bought it. Although he had purchased the camera from a reputed retailer, the Canon 5D Mark III had been used before in a couple of reviews made by the retailer’s employees.

digitalrev-used-canon-5d-mark-iii-new-incident "Used" Canon 5D Mark III sold as "new" by accident, said DigitalRev News and Reviews

DigitalRev admitted to its mistake and issued a refund to the photographer who was sent a used Canon 5D Mark III.

DigitalRev sold a used Canon 5D Mark III camera as “new”

DigitalRev is one of the most popular retailers in Hong Kong. The photographer bought a couple of 5D Mark III DSLRs from the retailer. One was new, but the other one was proven to have been used, thanks to the Stolen Camera Finder website.

Photographer Rob Dunlop emailed DigitalRev and the results were “impressive”. Dunlop asked the retailer to clarify whether the camera was new or not. The response came quickly from one of the employees, who confirmed that a “thorough internal investigation” will be performed.

Moreover, in the initial response, DigitalRev confirmed that it is not the company’s policy to repackage products and sell them as new, therefore it will try to find out what really happened.

In the email, the employee says that DigitalRev Online Store receives products from a lot of 3rd parties and that many of them are loaned to DigitalRev TV. As a result, something must have gone wrong because the retailer does not want to “risk damaging” its reputation.

All’s well that ends well

A few emails later, DigitalRev offered to refund the photographer or to issue a credit of  £600, to compensate for selling a “used” camera as “new”. The company apologized to Dunlop and did not ask him to take the story and photos down.

Additionally, the retailer discovered that such incidents had occurred two times before. It is unknown whether DigitalRev contacted the owners of the other cameras to offer a refund to compensate for its mistakes.

Rob Dunlop said that he was satisfied by the customer service. Furthermore, the company did not delete the photos and confirmed that it will keep EXIF data intact, when it will upload other photos on the web, because it does not have anything to hide.

DigitalRev also promised that it took measures to prevent this situation from happening ever again.

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