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Vanguard releases new products at CES 2013


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CES 2013 brought novelties from the Vanguard camp. The imaging accessories producer unveiled its new products, including the star of the show: the new GH-300T pistol grip ball head. One of the most important features about the new grip head is its shutter button, built directly into the handle.

Other important products released by Vanguard at the Las Vegas show include: PH-123v video pan head with adjustable drag tension, ABEO Pro 283 Tripod designed for rapid setup at any angle,  and ABEO Plus 323AT aluminum alloy tripod.

GH-300T pistol grip ball head

GH-300T Vanguard releases new products at CES 2013 News and Reviews
Just like Vanguard stated, the new grip is ideal for following and capturing fast moving objects, without taking your hands off the trigger button. The brand new grip head incorporates a shutter release button on the handle, thus letting the user snap photos while adjusting the zoom and position. GH-300T uses a 2.5 mm DC shutter release cable that is supplied in two versions, compatible with 80% of today’s DSLRs. Vanguard’s new grip head includes two axes for panning: 72-click point base for perfect panorama and a second base for following action. This means it’s perfect for both photographers and videographers.

The grip has a 17.5 lbs. (6kg) locking force rate, thus securely supporting large zoom lenses. Because of its pistol style grip handle, camera positioning and locking is fast and easy. Applying gripping pressure on the handle allows 360-degrees of panning and 90-degrees of side-to-side tilting, while releasing the handle locks the grip head into place. It also offers a 38mm standard Quick Shoe, so it’s compatible with other types of equipment.

The street price of GH-300T starts at 199,90.

PH-123V pan head for video usage

PH-123V Vanguard releases new products at CES 2013 News and Reviews
Vanguard’s PH-123V promises to deliver smooth pan and tilt functions, while being constructed out of a lightweight and rigid magnesium chassis. It’s designed to ensure fluid movements while shooting with HD camcorders. The pan head has a spring loaded counter balance that can be easily enabled or disabled with the on/off switch. It also offers quick shoe front-to-back movement to fine-tune the center of gravity. It’s built to support more than 17.5 lbs. (6kg), thus perfect for usage with heavy equipment. The video head also feature a 1/4” and 3/8”attachment interface.

PH-123V video head will be available by mid-January at a street price of 179.90.

ABEO Pro Series tripod

 ABEO-Pro-283AT Vanguard releases new products at CES 2013 News and Reviews
The ABEO Pro 283AT tripod is designed for rapid setup at any angle on any type of terrain. Its central column is based on Multi-Angle design, allowing it to swivel from 0 to 180 degrees in any vertical or horizontal position. It offers the Instant Swivel Stop-n-Lock (ISSL) system, allowing secure repositioning of the central column. A special and ergonomic lever-lock system releases the central column in order to pivot it into the desired position, and then lock it in position. ABEO Pro’s legs also deliver quick-flip locks that individually adjust to 25, 50 or 80 degrees. Vanguard also includes 3-in-1 All-Terrain shoes: angled rubber, spikes and a set for snow/sand.

The ABEO Pro 283AT is delivered as well in kits with GH-300T pistol grip ball head at a starting price of 269.90 for the bare-bone ABEO Pro 283AT, and it gets as high as €649.90 for the carbon-fiber made ABEO Pro 283CGH.

ABEO Plus Tripod

ABEO-Plus-323AT Vanguard releases new products at CES 2013 News and Reviews
The ABEO Plus 323 AT promises to deliver versatility and ease of use. It has a quick adjust center column locking mechanism, that enables you to select the preferred height fast and secure. The leg locks that secure the legs’ height are made to be re-tensioned by the user. The legs are made out of heavy gauge aluminum alloy to ensure stability, while the accessory hook lets you attach weight to the structure, in order to lower its center of gravity.

The tripod is available at a street price of €489.90. Kits will also be available by mid-January 2013, starting from €439.90.

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