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Veydra 85mm T2.2 lens unveiled for Micro Four Thirds mount


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Veydra has announced a new prime lens aimed at cinematographers using Micro Four Thirds cameras. The new 85mm T2.2 optic will join its five other siblings on the market at the end of 2015.

Ryan Avery has launched the Veydra project on Kickstarter. It has been launched in order to bring suitable videography tools to the Micro Four Thirds line-up, specifically the Panasonic GH4 and the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, which can shoot 4K videos.

A total of five lenses have been introduced through Kickstarter, including the 12mm T2.2, 16mm T2.2, 25mm T2.2, 35mm T2.2, and 50mm T2.2. Most units have already been shipped to their Kickstarter backers and now they are available through the manufacturer’s website.

Either way, the company is no longer using the crowd-funding platform to announce its products. A new model has just showed on Veydra’s website. It is the sixth Mini Prime and it consists of an 85mm T2.2 telephoto lens created for Micro Four Thirds cameras.

veydra-85mm-t2.2 Veydra 85mm T2.2 lens unveiled for Micro Four Thirds mount News and Reviews

This is the new Veydra 85mm T2.2 lens, which will be released later this year for Micro Four Thirds cameras.

Veydra announces its sixth Mini Prime lens for Micro Four Thirds cameras: the 85mm T2.2

The brand new Veydra 85mm T2.2 lens is a telephoto optic which will provide a 35mm focal length equivalent of 170mm when mounted on Micro Four Thirds cameras.

It has been designed for cinematography purposes, so it offers 0.8 cinema pitch gears, which can be found on its focus rings. The T-stop is fast, which means that the lens will offer a shallow depth of field. This way, the optic will be perfect for close-ups, portraiture, or in tight spaces.

The company says that this new Mini Prime also offers a “constant volume focus”, which will be welcomed by videographers.

Veydra 85mm T2.2 can be pre-ordered right now and will begin shipping later this year

Although it is compatible with all Micro Four Thirds cameras, the Veydra 85mm T2.2 lens is intended for 4K models, such as the Panasonic GH4 and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

The company says that its optic can handle 4K and higher resolutions. The lens has an aluminum construction and high-grade glass elements that will deliver a high image quality. The optic is coated in multi-coating for improved color accuracy.

Veydra will begin shipping the Mini Prime 85mm T2.2 lens at the end of 2015. However, the optic is available for pre-order at the company’s website for a price of $899.99.

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