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Videre pinhole camera project relaunches on Kickstarter


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Photographer Kelly Angood has canceled her 120 Pinhole Project, following infringement concerns, in order to launch a new Kickstarter campaign consisting of the Pop-Up Pinhole camera.

Kelly Angood attracted a lot of attention thanks to her impressive crafting skills. The UK-based photographer devised a kit, which allowed anyone to build a cheap 35mm film camera. Shortly after that, she opened a project on Kickstarter, which consisted of a medium format camera manufactured out of recycled card.

Unfortunately, the photographer has been threatened with an infringement lawsuit, therefore she was forced to cancel everything, even though she raised £23,757 out of the £15,000 goal.

videre-pinhole-camera Videre pinhole camera project relaunches on Kickstarter Fun

Videre pinhole camera is the Pop-Up Pinhole Project. The whole deal has had to be reborn because the original 120 pinhole camera design was based on a Hasselblad design.

120 Pinhole Project is the new “Pop-Up Pinhole Project” on Kickstarter

In order to shed the fears of a lawsuit against Hasselblad, Angood’s new Kickstarter project is entitled “The Pop-Up Pinhole” and it requires the same amount of £15,000.

For the time being, £11,773 have been pledged to the cause with 44 days left. This means that she is on track to raise even more money as the first time.

The Pop-Up Pinhole Project consists of a medium format camera, which will no longer have to fear Hasselblad.

videre-pinhole-camera-flat-pack-kit Videre pinhole camera project relaunches on Kickstarter Fun

Videre pinhole camera will ship as a flat pack kit made out of recycled card.

Videre pinhole camera consists out of a flat pack kit

This time, the design is different and the so-called Videre pinhole camera will be shipped in a “flat pack kit”. Kelly says that the whole medium format shooter will be very easy to assemble, though the backers will have to pay more attention during the assembly process.

Videre does not require a lens, just like many other pinhole cameras. It is inspired by the original design, but it is different and more beautiful, says the photographer.

Photographer expected to ship medium format camera this November

As usual, the whole kit will be printed on recycled card and will be shipped in November 2013.

Users who pledge £25 will receive the Videre kit to their door, just like those who donate £30. People who will give more money will get extra services, such as a fully-assembled 120 Videre pinhole camera and a place to a photography workshop, which takes place in January 2013.

Kelly is still keeping track of her project with the help of a personal Tumblr blog, though updates will be posted at Videre’s official Kickstarter page.

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