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Vimeo rolling out Instagram-like effects, called Looks, to all users


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Vimeo has begun rolling out a new set of effects, called Looks, allowing film-makers to apply filters to the videos uploaded on the website.

Vimeo is a video-sharing service aimed at professionals. It competes against YouTube, but the company wants to appear more professional, thanks to the help of “serious” videographers.

Usually, the films uploaded on Vimeo are of a higher-quality when compared to the ones uploaded on Google’s YouTube. Anyway, Vimeo has launched a new feature, called Looks, for its users.

vimeo-looks Vimeo rolling out Instagram-like effects, called Looks, to all users News and Reviews

Vimeo Looks officially announced, allowing users to add Instagram-like effects to their videos.

Vimeo Looks are like Instagram for videos

The new Looks consist of video filters that will further enhance the quality of user-uploaded videos. The features consist of Instagram-like filters, but for videos rather than photos.

Vimeo’s new video enhancer tool consists of more than 500 filters, which can be added by all users to their projects. The best part about the new service is that users do not have to download anything extra on their computers or mobile devices.

The company designed Looks with the help of Vivoom. Vimeo is gradually rolling out the filters to the users and all of them should be able to access it within 90 days, though it could take less if everything goes according to plan.

The Vimeo Looks are categorized by genre, allowing film-makers to find the desired filters quicker.

More than 500 filters are already available for the users

Moreover, the company is offering an option that will not require the users to manually choose the filters. An algorithm can automatically determine which effect fits best on a respective film. The system will choose the “right” filter by analyzing the video and social data of a user and will apply the filter based on the results.

As everything is done in real-time, Vimeo users can see whether the applied filter suits their videos. If not, then they will be able to change the filter in preview mode and eventually submit the video.

The Vimeo Looks list includes effects such as Jade Thrust, Cool TV, Decaffeinated, Almost Sepia Edge, Rose Tinted Memories, Bubonic Bombardment, German Expressionism, Heat Passion, Fresh Cotton, Blue Contrast Creator, and Grindhouse among many others.

The company says that more than 500 filters are available and that others are coming soon.

All filters are free for the moment. However, next to the Looks we can see that the $0.99 is written with strikethrough text. It is possible that Vimeo and Vivoom may begin charging users to use a filter sometime in the future, but the two parties have not mentioned anything in this regard for the time being.

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