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Vincent Laforet reveals revolutionary MōVI camera stabilizer


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Renowned photographer Vincent Laforet has revealed an industry-changing accessory, called MōVI, which consists of a handheld stabilizer.

Vincent Laforet does not need any introduction. He is a renowned photographer, cinematographer, and director. He has been teasing a very important product for the digital imaging industry for quite some time and he promised that it will not consist of a new camera or lens.

movi-m10-camera-stabilizer Vincent Laforet reveals revolutionary MōVI camera stabilizer News and Reviews

MōVI M10 camera stabilizer is designed to keep videos steady in all conditions, thanks to a tri-axis gyro-stabilizing technology.

MōVI camera stabilizer becomes official, courtesy of photographer Vincent Laforet

Today, Laforet kept his promise and revealed the MōVI stabilizer. It is based on a digital tri-axis gyro-stabilized system, which does exactly the thing suggested by its name. According to Vincent, the rig will keep the camera steady in all conditions.

Two versions of the device will become available in the near future. The first, bigger, more expensive, and the better one is the MōVI M10, which will cost an astounding $15,000. The smaller unit will be sold under the name of MōVI M5 and will take less than $7,500 out of a cinematographer’s pockets.

Freefly Systems is exhibiting the rig at NAB Show 2013

The system has been designed by Freefly Systems, a company based in Seattle, Washington. Curious eyes can check it out at the National Association of Broadcasters Shows 2013. The event takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Last Vegas, Nevada.

Freefly says that there are multiple other rigs which are capable of keeping the camera steady, but neither of them is so easy to use and so small. Most systems are big and not very portable, making the tri-axis gryo-stabilized gimbal a “true industry-changer”.

The camera stabilizer impressed expert Vincent Laforet, who claims that MoVI will have enormous implications in cinematography. Once you get the hang of it, the device will change the way you think about recording movies, he said.

Laforet used a Canon 1D C camera to demo the system’s capabilities

The photographer has also uploaded several videos, displaying the system’s capabilities when used in combination with the Canon 1D C camera and a 24mm T1.4 cinema prime lens.

MoVI designer, Tad Firchau, and Laforet are commenting on one of the videos, explaining the mechanism behind the stabilizing rig. Moreover, in one of the videos, the cameraman is filming a scene while rollerblading, which is quite an impressive feat to achieve, though the resulting video is as steady as it can be.

Freefly Systems says that the camera stabilizer camera weighs only 4 pounds and it can support 10 pounds of equipment. As stated above, it is very easy to transport, Firchau mentioning that it can fit into a suitcase.

Supraflux is a real contender against MōVI

Recently, we have presented an interesting stabilizer concept, called Supraflux. This rig is currently a Kickstarter project, though it has already managed to raise its goal amount, so it will become a reality very soon.

There are some major differences between the two rigs, one of them being the price, as Supraflux will cost merely $745, when it will be released later this year.

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