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Viral photo of a skateboarder ollieing over subway tracks


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A viral photo of a skateboarder jumping over subway tracks in New York City has been deemed as “not fake”, just controversial.

Skateboarding can be a very dangerous sport. People who practice it come out injured very often, but most of them continue to do it for the thrill.

skateboarder-ollie-subway-tracks-viral-photo Viral photo of a skateboarder ollieing over subway tracks Fun

Skateboarder Koki ollieing over New York City subway tracks. The photo, captured by photographer Allen Ying, went viral on the internet.

Koki is the skateboarder in the viral photo

A skateboarder, who goes by the name of Koki, has decided to take it to a whole new level by ollieing over the subway tracks, located at the 145th Street, New York City.

“Ollie” is a common trick in skateboarding and it consists of a rider leaping into the air without using his hands to steady the board.

Ever since its introduction, numerous other versions of the “ollie” have surfaced and a lot of riders choose to perform these tricks and compile photo albums and videos of the procedure.

Ollieing can be very dangerous depending on the location where the rider performs the trick. This is why many people have claimed that the photo of Koki jumping over the subway tracks is fake.

However, the image is as real as it gets and the only thing left to the nonbelievers is to say that the rider and photographer were very “stupid” to attempt this.

The image has been captured by photographer Allen Ying

The photographer has been revealed as Allen Ying, who captured the image from the subway tracks on a cold January day.

According to the photographer, the photo has been captured around 5AM at the 145th Street subway station and it did not require too many tries.

Additionally, Ying recalls that there were other people witnessing the procedure, who were excited and worried for both the photographer and the rider.

The image should have been posted on the next 43 Magazine edition, but someone leaked it on the internet a few days too early.

Remember: do not try this “at home”!

Allen Ying says that Koki did not need a ramp to perform the trick and that this was the only place, which allowed the boarder to jump over the tracks, in order to avoid hitting the infamous third rail.

The ollie will be featured in a “subway skating” video compilation, which will be released in the near future by MandibleClaw.

Both protagonists of this viral photo were very brave to attempt the stunt, but we advise our readers not to try this because it is illegal and extremely dangerous.

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