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Become an astrophotographer with the latest Vixen Polarie Star Tracker


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Vixen has announced a new star tracker accessory, a special device which allows photographers to take “amazing” images of stars.

The latest device from Vixen which gives photographers the opportunity to photograph stars and constellations is called Polarie Star Tracker. According to the manufacturer, this special accessory can take “pin-sharp” images of stars and starscapes.

vixen-polarie-star-tracker Become an astrophotographer with the latest Vixen Polarie Star Tracker News and Reviews

Vixen Polarie Star Tracker is an amazing accessory for astrophotography which allows users to take photos of the stars.

How does it work?

The Polarie Star Tracker follows the apparent star motion, an effect caused by the rotation of the Earth, and eliminates star trails from the shot. It is designed for wide-angle lenses in order to shoot wide-field photos of constellations.

Photographers can take amazing shots of the Milky Way galaxy, but they can also immortalize starscapes thanks to a special technique. Vixen confirmed that tenebrous landscapes can be added into the foreground, thus creating a starscape effect.

Is it easy to install?

Setting up the Polarie Star Tracker takes only a few minutes. Even those who have never photographed the stars can install the accessory with ease in just a couple of minutes, says the manufacturer.

First, photographers need to use the compass in order to turn the device towards the direction of the pole star. After that, all they need to do is to use the latitude meter and the sight hole to align the star tracker.

The Vixen Polarie Star Tracker can be easily fit between the camera and the tripod. The company added that the device works with two AA batteries which provide two hours of battery life.

Technical specs of the Vixen Polarie Star Tracker

The Polarie model number 75505 features a 1/2 celestial tracking rate, 57.6mm aluminum wheel gear, 9mm worm gear, tilt meter between 0 and 70 degrees, 8.9 degrees of field view, and a pulse motor.

Vixen’s latest star tracker comes packed with a tracking mode selector, which includes options like solar and lunar, sidereal, and 1/2 sidereal for starscape photography.

The Vixen Polarie Star Tracker is now available for purchase directly from the company’s website for a price of $399.

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