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Fotodiox Pro to release Vizelex Light Cannon Mark II soon


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Fotodiox Pro has revealed that it will release the Vizelex Light Cannon Mark II in the following months, in order to fix the problems found in the original version.

Metabones and Fotodiox Pro are just a couple of companies which have released lens adapters. The former has just launched a version for Micro Four Thirds cameras, allowing Nikon G lens users to mount their optics on such shooters.

Such an adapter widens the lens and increases the amount of light which goes through by one or more f-stops depending on the version. If Metabones has received a lot of praises from the customers, we cannot say the same thing about Fotodiox Pro.

vizelex-light-cannon-lens-adapter Fotodiox Pro to release Vizelex Light Cannon Mark II soon News and Reviews

The first version of the Vizelex Light Cannon lens adapter has been troubled by optical problems. Mark II version is coming soon to fix the issues and two versions will be released: 0.5x for full frame and 0.7x for APS-C.

Fotodiox Pro acknowledges Vizelex Light Cannon problems

The so-called Vizelex Light Camera, which adapts Nikon G lenses to Micro Four Thirds cameras, has been heavily criticized by a lot of buyers, who have requested refunds. They say that the optical quality is pretty low and that the purchase is not worth it.

The manufacturer has decided to issue a response to these claims by acknowledging the problems. Fotodiox Pro said that it is aware of the problems, therefore it will honor all returns “within 14 days of receipt”.

Vizelex Light Cannon Mark II coming soon in two versions

Moreover, the company has revealed that it has already started working on a new version, called Vizelex Light Cannon Mark II, which will become available sometime in the following months.

Fotodiox added that the new model is based on a new design and optical element. Beside the increase in quality, the Mark II will be released in two versions: 0.5x for full frame with a two f-stops increase in light and a 0.7x one for APS-C with an extra f-stop.

Vizelex Light Cannon Mark II to be free for original buyers

The Vizelex Light Cannon Mark II release date is expected to occur over the next three or four months. The price of the product will stand at $199.95, as its quality will be higher. However, photographers who have bought the first version and decided to keep it will get Mark II completely free.

The current version for Micro Four Thirds cameras is available for $149.95 at Amazon, while the Sony NEX lens adapter can be bought for the same price at the same retailer.

Well, if you want the second version for free, then you might as well buy the original unit and maybe you will like that one, too.

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