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VTec launches a slew of iPhone 5 lenses


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VTec has launched a new series of imaging-related accessories for the iPhone 5, allowing users to capture better photos in various scenarios.

The iPhone 5 has a great camera for a mobile device. It may not be the best out there, but it can capture pretty good photos in the right hands. The image sensors in smartphones are improving, but accessory makers are also releasing decent products to make the lives of the photographers a whole lot better.

VTec is one of these manufacturers and, as a result, the company has released a series of accessories for the iPhone, which will ensure that iPhoneographers will keep themselves busy everyday.

The accessories consist of lenses that cover wide-angle to telephoto focal lengths. They can be easily attached on the iOS smartphone and they will allow users to become more creative with their mobile device.

VTec reveals plenty of lenses for the iPhone 5

The first product of the lineup is called CAM-1209 Aluminum Telephoto Lens. Like its name is suggesting, it consists of an aluminum-made lens and tripod. VTec is supplying the mini-tripod in the package for the price of £29.99.

The CAM-1209 Aluminum Telephoto Lens can be used for focusing shots at longer distances, as it provides 12x magnification. The tripod is pretty stable, which is natural for aluminum-made accessories.

VTec’s next product is actually a bundle which contains both wide-angle and macro lenses. The latter can be easily attached on the iOS smartphone, while the former can only be fixed on the macro lens.

This combination will cost potential buyers £24.99, but it will allow photographers to capture high-quality close-up images or beautiful landscape shots, depending on the lens that will be attached on the iPhone.

Fisheye could not have said “no” to iPhoneographers

Up next comes the Fish-Eye Lens, which can be used for capturing 180-degree photos. Fisheye is one of the most popular effects among photographers and iPhone 5 users can have access to it for a mere price of £24.99.

The manufacturer also provides a Microscope lens that offers 20x magnification for the already usual price of £24.99.

Last, but not least, product consists of a CPL filter. iPhone 5 owners can use it for reducing glare and reflections, as well as improving color saturation. This is also the most expensive accessory, with a price tag of £34.99.

All of these products can be purchased at the VTec official website. We are curious to find out whether you are ready to ditch your dedicated camera in favor of a smartphone, so share your intentions in the comments section below.

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