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Majestic photos of huskies appearing to walk on water


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Photographer Fox Grom has captured amazing photos of his two dogs appearing to walk on water on a lake somewhere in northern Russia.

Seeing someone or something walk on water would be an incredible sight. This is why the photos of a couple of huskies performing this stunt have been making the internet rounds during the past few days.

A Russian photographer has revealed a bunch of photos of his two huskies walking on water like it is something natural. The images have been uploaded on Russian social networking website VKontakte.

Fox Grom and his two dogs, Alaska and Blizzard, went on a walk last fall, but they encountered an interesting detail on a nearby lake in Kirovsk, Murmansk Oblast. It had rained on the lake that they knew it was frozen. Water had built up on top of the frozen lake, so if you walked on it, then it would appear that you are actually walking on water.

Russian photographer reveals that his super-huskies can walk on water

Siberian Huskies love the cold, so it would not be unusual for photographer Fox Grom to take his dogs, Alaska and Blizzard, out for a walk on a lake in northern Russia.

Before the walk, they expected to find a frozen lake, but they actually found water, so they thought the recent downfall melted the ice. However, the ice was still there and rainfall had built up on the frozen lake’s surface.

The result consists of an amazing set of photos that makes it look like Alaska and Blizzard have the ability to walk on water. It would be nice to have this ability, but the huskies were in fact walking on a frozen surface.

Alaska and Blizzard were mesmerized by their extraordinary ability

The photographer was not the only one who was mesmerized by this phenomenon. By taking a look at these photos, you can clearly notice that both Alaska and Blizzard felt that something was out of the ordinary.

Nevertheless, after a closer inspection, the pair felt pretty good about being able to walk on water, while Fox Grom captured a bunch of stunning photos of a frozen lake mirroring the sky.

Some have said that the photos make it look like the dogs are hovering, while others say that the scenes appear to have been taken out of an ethereal world.

Either way, this was a successful photo shoot and you can check it out in its entirety on Fox Grom’s official VKontake page.

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