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Weathersealed Fujifilm camera to feature dual SD card slots


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The weathersealed Fujifilm X-mount camera will be based on a design inspired by the Olympus OM-D series and will allow users to store photos on a pair of SD cards.

The rumor mill has recently begun talking about a new Fujifilm camera. The device is said to support the X-mount interchangeable lens system and it is based on mirrorless technology.

Furthermore, the whispers have revealed that this will be the first weathersealed Fujifilm camera and that it is scheduled to be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014.

dual-sd-card-slots Weathersealed Fujifilm camera to feature dual SD card slots Rumors

Sony A99 is one of the few cameras which has dual SD card slots. The upcoming weathersealed Fujifilm camera is said to join this exclusive club as of CES 2014.

Dual SD card slots for the upcoming weathersealed Fujifilm camera

The company’s fans have been waiting for more information ever since news first broke down and now they shall receive it. According to people familiar with the matter, the new camera will feature a pair of SD card slots.

This is exciting news for wildlife and action photographers. These people usually take a lot of images during the same shoot and need as much space as possible, especially considering the fact that the size of the RAW files is increasing along with the sensors’ number of megapixels.

Nevertheless, everybody appreciates having more space to store his/her photos and it will be interesting to see how competitors will respond, especially when there are so few cameras that provide such functionality, despite their bigger dimensions.

Fuji’s new X-mount camera to have design similar to Olympus OM-D design

As for the design, it could suffer major changes when compared to other X-mount shooters. Apparently, it will offer a similar shape to the one of the Olympus OM-D cameras, such as the E-M1 and E-M5.

This would certainly be a nice design and could attract a lot of customers, but this does not mean that the current X-series devices are not looking good or that Fujifilm is adopting another design language.

The change in shape could probably be related to the rumored high-performance electronic viewfinder, that might be moved to the top-middle part of the weathersealed Fujifilm mirrorless camera.

Two new Fujifilm lens to be announced in the coming weeks

Before the CES 2014 announcement, it seems like Fujifilm will announce a new lens: the XF 10-24mm f/4. Certain people seem to believe that this will be the first WR model of the series, but there is no evidence to point in this direction for now.

The XF 56mm f/1.2 lens should also be introduced soon and it would not be surprising if it comes alongside the WR camera during the Las Vegas-based event.

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