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Weathersealed Fujifilm X-mount camera to be unveiled at CES 2014


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Fujifilm will reportedly announce a weathersealed X-mount camera, that will fall between the X-Pro and X-E series, during the Consumer Electronics Show 2014.

The rumor mill has been revealing bits of information regarding a new Fujifilm X-mount camera for the past few days. It is obvious that the company is working on a new shooter, but it is not just any shooter – according to inside sources, it is a device that will fall between the X-Pro and the X-E series.

This makes it an X-Trans camera, but the details have left the company’s fans wondering about what could possible fit between the X-E2 and X-Pro1 or X-Pro2 if it is really coming so soon.

x-e2-viewfinder Weathersealed Fujifilm X-mount camera to be unveiled at CES 2014 Rumors

Fujifilm will announce a weathersealed X-mount mirrorless camera with a bigger and better electronic VF than the X-E2 viewfinder.

Fujifilm to introduce weathersealed X-mount camera between X-Pro and X-E series

Thankfully, the answer has not showed up too late for the party. Two people who have been right in the past are claiming that the upcoming device consists of a weathersealed Fujifilm X-mount camera.

If it is true, then it will become an excellent solution for outdoor photographers, who want to enjoy wildlife photography without having to worry about rain and other harsh environmental conditions.

Large and “high-performance” electronic viewfinder for the new Fuji X-series shooter

A previous rumor has revealed that the new Fuji shooter will not feature a hybrid viewfinder like the X-Pro1 and X100S. This meant that we are looking at an electronic VF. Now, more details about it have appeared, with one person revealing that the EVF will be a big and very good one at the same time.

Other specs of the rumored weathersealed Fujifilm X-mount camera include an X-Trans II CMOS APS-C image sensor of unknown resolution. However, it may well be the company’s popular 16.3-megapixel mode found in both the X100S and the new X-E2.

Weathersealed Fujifilm X-mount camera coming at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014

As for the announcement date, it has not changed in the meantime. According to inside sources, it is still on track to become official during the Consumer Electronics Show 2014. The event will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada at the beginning of January.

After this shooter, two more are coming, including the X-Pro2 and X200, the latter replacing the X100S with the help of a full frame sensor.

For now, the Fuji X-E2 is being sold for $999 at Amazon, while the X-Pro1 costs $1,199. Be aware that the weathersealed device will not necessarily retail for $1,099, but it could be a safe bet. More details are coming soon so stick with us!

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