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Wesley Armson and his adorable photos of his two sons


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Photographer Wesley Armson is capturing photos of his two sons in amusing stances, such as dressed as superheroes or napping in unusual places.

Most people dream of a perfect life that involves having a family. Photographer Wesley Armson has been dreaming about the same thing for a while and now he is married to a beautiful woman named Christine.

The Calgary-based couple has two sons. They are bringing a lot of excitement to Wesley and Christine, who are cherishing precious moments like their first smile, laugh, or sneeze.

These moments are the reasons why Wes has stopped flirting with photography and has begun taking it very seriously.

Sometimes it is hard to remember these moments, so the best thing would be to capture them on camera. As a result, the photographer is now taking adorable photos of his two sons.

Mechanical engineer by day, photographer by night: the story of Wesley Armson and the adorable photos of his two sons

Wesley Armson is working at an oil & gas company as a mechanical engineer. He says that he is a “methodical planner”, so he has applied the same ideas to his photography.

Each shot is planned in advance, so it will turn out perfectly. This is also why you can see all these props in the photos along with all the costumes.

Anybody can take dull pictures of their kids. However, if you put some effort into it, then you can become an amazing dad-photographer.

The two sons are often dressed in superhero costumes and both of them seem to love posing for their father. Now, Skyler is two years old, while Maddox is four months old.

Skyler and Maddox, the photographer’s adorable sons dressed as superheroes

By day, Wes is at work, but once he gets home, he manages to capture those precious moments of joy on camera.

The photographer is claiming that his photo shoot ideas are coming from Flickr, Pinterest, and 500px. Wesley is spending a lot of time on these websites and he will try to take similar shots from his own vantage point.

He has added that he will combine ideas from multiple photos and that being a photographer is making him a better person. To be a photographer means to capture world’s beauty, so Armson believes that when the camera is around his neck, he will look to immortalize everything that is beautiful.

These adorable photos of his two sons are the perfect example of what children photography should be. For more information and pictures, check out Wesley Armson’s official website.

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