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Contest: Win Photoshop CS5 and MCP Photoshop Actions


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What does MCP Actions mean to you? This is your chance to use your creativity, photographic skills, and thinking cap to win Photoshop CS5 Extended ($999 value) or a $50 or $100 Gift Certificate for Photoshop actions from MCP. These are two independent contests running at the same time. Enter one or both. To qualify for either prize you must join or be a member of my Facebook Fan Page.

Contest 1:

Enter to Win a $50 or $100 Gift Certificate to MCP Actions Store:

  1. For one entry, comment on this blog post and let me know what you would buy if you won one of the gift certificates.
  2. For a second entry on this contest, use the “Suggest to Friends” link on my Facebook Page and recommend MCP to at least 5 photographer friends. In addition, I would love you to post a link to my Facebook Fan Page and my website on your own wall or blog. Once complete, come back here and leave a comment saying, “I am a member of your fan page and recommended you to my photographer friends.”

Contest 2:

Enter to Win Photoshop CS5 Extended:

  1. Photograph and edit an image that conveys what MCP Actions means to you. You can express what you love about my workshops, actions, blog, etc.
  2. Use the name “MCP” creatively in your photo.  Just typing it in will not usually win your brownie points.  Think “outside the box” on ways to integrate it. You can use the MCP solo or in a phrase like “MCP Rocks” or “I love MCP.” Basically any phrase that fits your theme and image with “MCP” in it counts. Feel free to use my logo if you desire.
  3. Use at least one MCP action in the editing of your photo. If you do not own any MCP actions yet, you can always download FREE photoshop actions so that you can participate. If you do not own Photoshop CS5 yet, make sure to download a 30-day trial of CS5.
  4. Next, submit your entry by attaching it to this blog post as a 600px wide resized and sharpened for web image. One Photo Entry per person. Please retain your high resolution image in case I need that for the future. Include the phrase “I, _________, give MCP Actions permission to use this photo on the MCP Blog, MCP Website, and in MCP Actions promotional materials. I certify that I photographed and retain copyright to the photo submitted.” Entries that do not meet these qualifications will not be eligible.
  5. Lastly, please post the image you photographed and edited to your Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and/or Blog and write that you entered the MCP Actions photo contest to win Photoshop CS5 Extended and actions from MCP. #5 is optional but will be used in case of a tie breaker.


  1. Contest begins today. Contest entries must be submitted by July 18th at noon eastern time, directly to this post, not Facebook. Ellie and Jenna, my 8 year old twins, will pick their favorite 10-15. Remember they are your 1st judges.
  2. Once narrowed down, I will post the finalists on the blog and voting will begin. On that post I will announce the final date/time for votes and for announcing all 3 winners.


  1. GRAND PRIZE: The entry with the top number of votes will get Photoshop CS5 Extended.
  2. 1st Prize: Random draw from the comment section of a lucky person to win the $100 Gift Certificate to MCP Actions.
  3. 2nd Prize: Random draw from the comment section of a lucky person to win the $50 Gift Certificate to MCP Actions.

*Cart must exceed final prize value by at least .01. Prizes are good for MCP Photoshop actions only. Not valid on MCP workshops.

Here is a small sampling of entries to my past contests with similar but not matching themes.

Let this inspire you, but no copying exact ideas please. This is a flash slide-show, so please view on a computer with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed. It will not show if you are viewing from RSS or Facebook. Please visit the blog post to view it.


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