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Winners of the WordSmith 5 Pack of Prizes


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Thank you for all of you who participated in the “how confident are you?” contest.  I hope that even if you are not one of the 5 winners, that it taught you something about yourself, personally and professionally, and made you think of things you can do to stay confident or improve your confident.

This contest is random draw.  I tell me twins the range of contest entries and they tell me the numbers. So just as good as a random but more fun!

Joyce Smith will contact you will details on how to redeem your prizes.

And the winners are:

  • entry 13 – Jeanine Krupp
  • entry 204 – Lyn Walkerden
  • entry 102 – NightinGail Photography
  • entry 311 – Lauren Aves
  • entry 66 – Christina Weeks

If you were not a winner but want some of Joyce’s  products, you can get a discount on any WordSmith Guides through November 1st, use the code “mcp.”


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