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World’s Best Dad in hilarious photo series with his daughter


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Photographer Dave Engledow is “World’s Best Dad” in a hilarious photo series depicting himself and his young daughter in funny situations.

Some photographers are trying not to involve their families in their commercial work. However, a lot of them really count on it and they are doing a great job at it. One of these people is Dave Engledow, who has created an image collection called “World’s Best Dad” with photos of him and his daughter in hilarious scenes.

Amusing father-daughter photos results in “World’s Best Dad” collection

The US-based photographer has taken his inspiration from real life as some of the photos are mimicking the Gangnam Style music video and the popular Breaking Bad TV series.

In most of the images, Dave Engledow and his daughter are the main protagonists, while in some cases other people jump in, such as “Sting like a bee”. This photo involves the photographer’s daughter winning a boxing match against a little boy, while people are cheering on the sides.

Photographer’s daughter wants more snacks, but less naps

The father-daughter bond is very important in the development of a child therefore it is really nice to see that Dave Engledow spends so much time with his kid.

Still, children will sometimes turn against their parents, like in the “May Day” photo. It appears that the daughter wants “more snacks and less naps”. Another important demand is to delay her bedtime until 10:30 PM.

Although it is unclear how the negotiations unfolded, it is very likely that everything worked out for the best. Nevertheless, photography is all about imagination, so anybody can draw their own conclusions.

Dave Engledow gets punished by his daughter for swearing

In some photos, the daughter shows her father who is the “boss”. “Big game” shows the little child watching cartoons and drinking what appears to be beer, while in “Potty mouth” the photographer is punished for swearing. By the looks of the “swear jar”, Dave Engledow makes use of a lot of swear words and is now forced to sit in the corner.

Most images contain a mug which says “World’s Best Father”, which is a purpose of this series. However, at some point the daughter eats the coffee mug, as revealed by a “Home X ray”.

The entire collection is available at the photographer’s Fotoblur profile where users can also check out the latest updates in “World’s Best Dad” series.

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