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WoW Lens case for iPhone expecting donations on Kickstarter


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A Kickstarter project is looking to extend iPhone’s photographic capabilities with a special casing, which adds four lenses to the mix.

The rise of smartphone cameras has been discussed before. Digital camera sales have dropped following improved image sensors in mobile devices and everything points to the fact that things are about to get worse for digital imaging makers.

WoW Lens is an amazing case sporting four different lenses on the back

However, it is all roses for smartphone manufacturers. Accessory makers are becoming inspired by some devices and they can provide pretty interesting gadgets, such as the WoW Lens.

It has been developed by Justine Prior of AppBanc. She claims that this is the “future of mobile photography”. This is a bold claim, though she is backed up by the features of the accessory.

The WoW Lens consists of an iPhone case, providing access to four different lenses. Like most cases, it is very easy to mount or dismount, in case photographers want to use the regular iPhone lens.

Moreover, the case is shockproof, meaning that it should protect the smartphone in case it falls on the floor. The protective casing for the iPhone consists of a carousel system on its back, which offers four spaces. Each spot is designed for different types of iPhoneography.

There are five important features bundled with the WoW Lens, says AppBanc.

Four lenses, five features: a recipe for happy customers

The premier optic for iPhoneographers consists of a macro lens, which expands the depth-of-field and captures high-quality close-up images.

Slide it and you will be taken to the wide-angle lens. This one will extend the view-angle with 30 degrees in all directions and photographers will capture more details in a single shot.

The next lens is called cameo function. It can separate the subject, then create special effects, such as vignetting. Additionally, it improves skin tones for professionally-looking shots.

Last,  but not least lens, consists of a polarized neutral density filter, allowing users to capture impressive motion blur effects. This lens will also cut down glare, while toning down the sun’s bright rays.

However, the final important feature of the WoW Lens for iPhone is an application called eZoom. Buyers will get this app for free, allowing them to zoom in on their photos.

Justine says that eZoom provides lossless zoom, as it can reconstruct the pixels in a shot. There are some examples at the Kickstarter page, demonstrating its capabilities, but do not expect amazing results.

Donate on Kickstarter to make it happen

Nevertheless, the WoW Lens remains a powerful tool, which makes iPhoneography even better. There are two cases available, one for the iPhone 4 and 4S, and the other one for the iPhone 5.

Pledging $50 or more gives you one of these cases in Black or White colors. However, donating $105 or more takes you to another dimension, as you will receive a WoW t-shirt, the WoW Lens case, and a special kickstand to keep your smartphone steady.

At the time of writing this article, 102 backers had donated $5,783 out of the $50,000 goal. There is huge gap there, but AppBanc may be able to pull it off until May 2, 2013. In order to donate, go to the project’s Kickstarter page.

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