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XiStera case makes your iPhone 5 take better photos and open beer bottles


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The iPhone 5 could get a lot more useful than a conventional smartphone, with the help of the XiStera case, which can offer up to eight new functions.

Smartphones are pretty useful devices. It allows users to browse the web, play games, take photos, place calls, send messages, and a lot more cool stuff. One could go as far as say that it cannot get any better than this. However, Joe Adams begs to differ and he has a whole Kickstarter project to prove it.

xistera-iphone-5 XiStera case makes your iPhone 5 take better photos and open beer bottles Fun

XiStera case for iPhone 5. Such a small thing can provide eight new functions for your iOS smartphone. It is a lens adapter, stand, tripod mount, stylus, key chain, LED holder, headphone wrap, and a bottle opener.

XiStera case is an 8-in-1 accessory for your iPhone 5

Behold the XiStera, an accessory which can be regarded as an iPhone 5 case. Nevertheless, the difference between this and other cases is huge, since the XiStera can act as a stand, tripod mount, lens adapter, stylus, headphone wrap, LED lighting support, key chain, and, to top it all, a bottle opener.

Such a long list could scare off the users, but it should not be like this, since it is very lightweight and very small. Joe’s accessory can fit in the palm of your hand, but it will certainly make a huge difference in your daily life. Some people would go as far and say that this is the most useful accessory of our times, except for the Swiss army knife.

xistera-iphone-5-case XiStera case makes your iPhone 5 take better photos and open beer bottles Fun

These are the whole functions of the XiStera iPhone 5 case. (Click to view larger image)

Kickstarter amount reached, but stretching the goal has its surprises

Joe Adams says that the XiStera is made out of stainless steel and recyclable rubber. The whole project requires $19,000 to meet its goal. Less than 10 days have passed since its introduction and it has already raised more than $40,000.

Despite reaching the goal amount, the Kickstarter project will live on. Reaching further amount levels will allow Adams to release the XiStera in multiple colors and add polarized lenses to sweeten the deal.

Photographers will be particularly attracted to this project

This means that many of the price points have already been sold out. Currently, backers will have to donate more than $25 to get their hands on one of these beauties. Now, the deal starts at $35, which offers a XiStera along with a set of lenses, including fisheye, wide, and macro.

Additionally, pledging $65 or more will give you a XiStera, the three aforementioned lenses, plus a telephoto lens and a 32-LED light.

This is great news for people who want to take their iPhoneography to the next level, so hurry up and grab your unit. Please note that shipping will begin sometime in September 2013, meaning that you will have to wait a few more months before grabbing your XiStera.

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