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Yahoo Weather for iPhone just got better, courtesy of Flickr


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Yahoo has “partnered” with Flickr in order to launch a new weather application for iOS devices, which provides accurate weather and beautiful background imagery.

Weather applications are among the most popular in smartphones and tablets. Although it would be easier to stick our heads out the window, we like checking today’s climate on a mobile device. Yahoo saw this as an opportunity, therefore the company has unleashed a gorgeous new app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Amazing Flickr photos now available directly in your weather application

Most weather apps are very accurate, therefore users have started searching for programs which also offer more appealing looks. If this is what you are looking for, then the all-new Yahoo Weather will be the perfect choice for you.

Yahoo owns Flickr, which is an opportunity for the former to use photos in its apps. The new Weather program will display photos of cities from around the world. The photos shown in the app will be displayed according to the current weather conditions in your location or user-selected city.

This means that if it rains in New York, then the Yahoo Weather app will display a photo of the city with clouds and raindrops. If it is sunny in London, then the software will show you a photo of beautiful sun rays over London.

Yahoo Weather for iPhone gets its images from Flickr’s Project Weather group

Yahoo has been able to accomplish this treat with the help of Flickr. A new group called Project Weather is available to all photographers. Users can submit photos to the group, which will be displayed in Yahoo’s weather app for iOS devices.

According to the rules of the Project Weather group, the photos must focus on the city, not on people. They can be taken during daylight or nighttime, and then should reflect one of the following conditions: clear, rain, fog, cloudy, storm, or snow.

Images are submitted by the users and they need to have a high resolution

The pictures need to be of high quality and to have a high resolution. In landscape mode, they should employ a width of at least 1024 pixels and a height of 554 pixels, while in portrait mode they should measure at least 1024 pixels both horizontally and vertically.

Additionally, the rules state that watermarks or signatures of any kind are not allowed, while the images must be geo-tagged.

The Yahoo Weather for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is available for free download at the iTunes Store now.

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