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You could be famous in 2009! Read on for details…


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I am looking for photographs to use as examples again…  And your photo could be featured on MCP’s blog and/or website.  I will be looking for examples for some “things” I have in the works for late winter and/or early spring. If you are interested in emailing me ( a photo to use, I need written permission stating that you have a model release, that you have the rights to it, and that MCP Actions has full permission to use it on my site and blog as an example of editing or actions (in a before and after format).  

I may use these on my blog in a “watch me work” segment or “before and after example.”  I may use a photo to show what I will teach in a training or to show how my action(s) effect the photograph.  Please also make sure to include your full name, studio name, and website.  I will not be able to use every photo, but I will keep ones that do not best match what I need on file for the future.

I will be asking again too – so if you do not have photos that fit this description, keep watching for next time.   Here are some types of photos I am looking for in this 1st batch:

– Professional quality photograph with color problems:

  • Skin tone issues
  • Isolated Color Cast reflected on skin (like green from grass, etc)
  • Overall color balance issues
  • Whites of eyes, clothing, snow, etc has a tint that should not be there
  • Over color popped photo – eeks – way too neon
  • Neon grass – grass looks too yellow

– Professional quality photographs where it would be fun to color pop just one color (leaving the rest in color but more natural)

– Professional studio photos:

  • Where a white backdrop was meant to be bright white but looks gray
  • Where a black backdrop was meant to be pure black but looks dark gray or with spots where too much light fell on it
  • Where a muslin backdrop has some wrinkles that you wish were minimized

– Professional photograph where you want to enhance the look of something

  • Photo with a subject against a simple sky (not blown but just boring)
  • Sunset photo that lacks rich colors
  • Someone who you photographed who wished they looked thinner (not double chins – just overall thinner)
  • Photo where you wish you had a high dynamic range with tons of detail showing

What do you get for helping me out?  If the example is used on my website, I have a section for credits and your site will be listed there (if desired).  If used on my blog, I am happy to credit you, but please let me know.  Some photographers prefer to remain anonomous when I do before and afters.  Thank you for your help.  Once I get examples that fit what I need, I have surprises coming for you.


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