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Great photos of a young Mongol hunter and her majestic eagle


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Photographer Asher Svidensky has captured a slew of amazing photos of a young Mongolian girl and her majestic eagle, which is helping her hunt animals.

Eagles are some of the greatest birds in the world. If you are a guy and have one of them as a pet, then you will surely pick up a lot of girls. Well, this is what an internet meme used to say.

Either way, you will not impress this girl who goes by the name of Ashol Pan. Although she is only 13 years old, Ashol already has a golden eagle, which is one of the most popular birds of prey around the globe.

During a trip to Mongolia, photographer Asher Svidensky has found out her story and he has decided to share it with the world through photography.

Photographer Asher Svidensky’s stunning photos of a young Mongol hunter and her majestic eagle

Mongolia is home to some beautiful scenery that every photographer would like to capture on camera and Asher Svidensky has recently embarked on a four-month journey in the Asian country.

Somewhere in the Bayan Ulgii mountains he has found a bunch of people living in harsh conditions, surviving with the using of a tradition older than any of us.

Thousands of years ago, Mongols have begun hunting with the help of golden eagles. This action is called “berkutchy” and it refers to hunting animals with the help of eagles.

Although hunting is a young boy’s main responsibility, Asher has come across Ashol Pan, a 13 years old girl who carries around a large golden eagle and puts some food on her family’s table.

Her story would have gone unnoticed, but Asher Svidensky has had the honor to meet the young Mongol hunter while allowing us to see some beautiful documentary photography.

How a 13-year-old girl became a hunter

Before becoming a hunter, Ashol was a regular Mongol teenage girl, but then her brother has had to join the military. Because there was nobody else to hunt with a golden eagle in her family, her father has asked her to take the job.

Ashol has stepped up and has started developing a trust relationship with her family’s golden eagle. Normally, you would not think that she can carry an eagle on her hand, but Ashol has proved that she is strong enough to do it and she is now hunting rabbits, foxes, and even wolves.

She is not alone, as the people in her tribe are hunting alongside her. They need to do this in order to get through the winter, when living conditions are a lot harsher throughout the Mongolian mountain range.

The photographer shows us that, even though some people have a harder life than our own, they are still enjoying it. Asher Svidensky’s photos of a majestic eagle and a young girl are simply great, so we are inviting you to enjoy the shots and to learn more at the photographer’s official website.

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