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Youtu GShot YT21 acts as a Speedlight trigger and IR remote


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The Youtu GShot YT21 Speedlight trigger and IR remote for Nikon and Canon cameras is now available in the United States via eBay.

Speedlight triggers are very important for a professional photographer. Such accessories are a must-have, since they can trigger external flashes, which provide better lighting during a photo shoot.

A lot of these products are becoming available on the market and they are getting cheaper by the day, thanks to new companies from China.

youtu-gshot-yt21-speedlight-trigger Youtu GShot YT21 acts as a Speedlight trigger and IR remote News and Reviews

Youtu GShot YT21 Speedlight trigger can also be used as an infrared camera remote for Canon and Nikon shooters. A pair is available on eBay for only $25.

Youtu GShot YT21 Speedlight trigger for Nikon and Canon cameras goes on sale in the US

A lot of Nikon and Canon Speedlight triggers are selling for a lot of money, depending on their capabilities, so not everybody can afford them. However, some Chinese firms increased the competition and, as a result, such accessories are available for a very low two-digit amount.

The Youtu GShot YT21 has been recently announced for the United States market as a very convenient Speedlight trigger. It costs $25 on eBay and it is a lot cheaper than what other makers are currently providing.

The GShot YT21 trigger will work with cameras from the aforementioned manufacturers. The product supports 2.4GHz modulation, flash wake-up, a maximum range of 200 meters, and up to 16 channels.

Youtu GShot YT21 also acts as an IR camera remote

Furthermore, they act as transceivers, meaning that they can send as well as receive commands. However, their bonus functionality consists of IR camera remote support.

It may sound unbelievable, but the Youtu GShot YT21 can be used as a remote shutter release when connected to the shooters. This means that this tiny device can also replace the Nikon ML-L3 and Canon RC-6 wireless remote controllers, respectively.

The Nikon ML-L3 is available at Amazon for $17.95, while the Canon RC-6 can be purchased for $19.95.

Speedlights can be split into three groups

The Youtu GShot YT21 will run on a pair of AAA batteries. The shutter release works at full press or half-way. It is worth noting that $25 will bring two Speedlight triggers at your doorstep.

If photographers buy more units, then they will be able to split the units in up to three groups: A, B, and C.

Some people might not trust cheap Chinese knock-offs, but we are talking about $25 and this is not such a high amount.

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