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Zeiss VR One virtual reality headset announced


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Zeiss has decided to expand its consumer offer by introducing a virtual reality headset, called VR One, which will be released before Christmas 2014 for a price of only $99.

When people hear the name “Zeiss” they are associating the brand with lenses for digital cameras. It appears that this aspect will change soon as the Germany-based company is looking to broaden its horizons.

The first product in the company’s vision for the future is named Zeiss VR One. It consists of a virtual reality headset that will require the use of smartphones in order to bring you into the fascinating VR world.

zeiss-vr-one Zeiss VR One virtual reality headset announced News and Reviews

Zeiss VR One is now official as a virtual reality headset compatible with smartphones featuring displays between 4.7 and 5.2 inches.

Zeiss enters virtual reality market with the brand new VR One headset

The German manufacturer is inviting people to create “a world without limitations”. This is possible thanks to virtual reality and VR One is the product which will deliver Zeiss’ promises.

VR One follows into the footsteps of Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Sony Project Morpheus, and Google Cardboard among others. However, this virtual reality headset promises to be compatible with all smartphones that have a display sized between 4.7-inches to 5.2-inches.

In order to make sure that your smartphone works with Zeiss’ VR headset, you will need a special “drawer”. The first drawers available for users will work with the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

Thankfully, the company will expand the list of drawers soon, giving users the possibility of voting the next compatible smartphones. Eventually, the list will grow and you will not have to worry about it.

zeiss-vr-one-eyebox Zeiss VR One virtual reality headset announced News and Reviews

Zeiss VR One eyebox comes with a special design that is compatible with the interpupillary distance of 90% of population.

Zeiss VR One coming before Christmas for $99

This virtual reality device straps on your head and it offers a very large eyebox that is said to be compatible with over 90% of world’s population.

As you can imagine, the lenses will be made by Zeiss and they should offer a high optical quality. Furthermore, users can wear eyeglasses if they fit into the VR One headset.

Augmented reality apps and tracking are supported with the help of your smartphone. Developers can make this product even better as the VR One is based on the Unity3D open-source SDK.

There are not too many details available right now, but Zeiss VR One can be pre-ordered at the company’s website right now for a price of $99, which includes a smartphone drawer of your choice.

The first units will begin shipping before Christmas 2014, while the rest of us will get the device in early 2015.

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